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What age does a baby walk at?
10-14 months
What age does a child first sit unsupported at?
6 months
What age will a child first back away from a looming object?
3 months
What age will a child have best VA by behavorial methods?
3 years
Does a newborn over or underaccommodate for a distant target?
If the pigment in the eyes of a newborn has not developed yet, what color eyes will they have?
What is the rate at which accommodation diminishes per year?
0.15 diopters
T or F: Accommodative latency shows a large variation with age?
False, accommodative latency shows the SMALLEST variation with age.
At what age can infants use smooth pursuits for a low velocity object?
2 months
How many months can an infant have bowel control?
20 months
What age does infants have 1 minutes stereopsis?
21 weeks (5-6 months)
How many weeks gestation does lid closure occur due to bright lights?
30 weeks
What age does an infant have good steropsis?
3-6 months
At what age does an infant have 20/20 vision on VER or VEP?
6 months.
What is the average RE of a premie?
-.50 +/- 2.8 D
What is the average RE of a 1-3 year old?
+1.00 D
What is the average size of the cornea at birth?
9-10 mm
What week does binocular fixation develop and convergence is demonstrated by an infant?
8 weeks.
Which forms first, cones or rods?
Rods form before cones.
Horizontal conjugate gaze is well developed at _____ and vertical develops around ______.
Birth, 2 months
What age are infants startled by sound?
1 month