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Kohler;s diseae
avn kohler's disease
legg calv perthes dieas
avn fothe proximal femoral epiphys
what joints makeup the MTJ
calcaneo cuboid and talo navicualr joint
During cosled chain pronation the the MTJO ___ and the MTJL ____
During closed chaine supination the MTJO ___ and the MTJL ___
During closed chain pronation the MTJO pronates and the MTJL supinates
During closed chain Supination the MTJO supinates and the MTJL pronates
What happens with the foot during contact phase
- first heelstrike,
tibilasi santerior allows the forefoot to slowly lower to contact the ground
- when the forefoot contacts the groudn the STJ pronates casuign the MTJO to pronate andthe MTJL to supinate in order to keep the forefoot on the ground
when the calcaneus hits the ground it is supinated 2-3 degrees, the internal rotation of the leg cause the foot pronate. As the foot passes from a supinated to a pronated position the STJ passes through neutral postion.
After the STJ has proante dthe calcaneus is 4 degrees everted
pronation of the foot unolck the 1st ray which dorsiflexes 11 degrees
In limb length discrepancies which foot pronates, which foot supinates
long limb pronates
short limb supinates
What happens biomechanically at End Contact/Midstance
At the endof contact phase the foot is maximally pronated
toe-off stars, this pulls the foot forwad and casue the trailng limb to internally rotates and enter swing . The internal rotation of the swinging limb cause an external rotation of the pelvis on the weight bearing side. It is the this external rotation fo the wigh bearing limb that ends pronation and intiates resupination
what is the strongest pronator of the foot
peroneus brevis
What is the strongest pronator of the foot?
Tibialis posterior
what is the function of Peroneus logns
pulls down 1st ray
aids in wight transfer from lateral to medial column
acts as an evertor in open chain pronation
actas a funcional supinator in close chain
What is the function of the Flexor hallucis longus
supports the head of the talus
supports the proximal phalanx of the ast ray
minor function fo holding down the distal phalanx
How much does the hallux need to dorsiflex in toe off
65 degrees
what is supination of a foot?
a foot is supinated when it adducted, inverted, and plantarflexed
what is pronation of a foot/?
a FOOT is pronated when it is abducted, everted, dorsiflexed
What is turf toe? and treatment?
occurs from hyperextension or hyperflexion fo the 1st MPJ and IPJ, but if you have to pick one pick dorsiflexion.
Treat: rest 2-3 weeks, nSaids help, orthotics possibly with stiff forefoot and toe plates.
How might a patient describe an achilles tendon injury?
-Did not experience much pain when the tendon ruptures
-heard an audible "pop"
-felt like somebody kicked me in the back of the ankle
-numbness set in form the knee down
-feeling for the achilles tendon -nothing was there area felt like Jello
What difference does the location fo the achilles tendon tear make in treatment?
if tear is 2-6 cm above the attachment tothe calcaneus, surgery is necessary due to poor blood supply
If the tear is 6 cm or more above the calcaneu casting is acceptable
What is a normal course of post surgicla repair for tear of achilles tendon
casted 6 weeks post-op
rehab and condition for 6 weeks
return to full activity in 6 months, maybe 4 months with accellerated program
What is the most common ligament torn in the ankle?
Most common ligament torn is the anterior talofibular.
What are the symptoms of fully compensated forefoot varus
hellbings sign
no arch
everted calcaneus after compensation
abuducted forefoot on rearfoot
promeince of hte talar head in the medial longitudinal arch
Submet 2 keratoma
What will you see radiologically on a DP x-ray of forefoot varus foot
bulge on medial side of foot
talocalcaneal divergence
talocalcaneal angle is increase
Hallux limitus rigidus causes a _______ bunion
Halluxx Abducto Valus casue a _____ bunion.
Hallux limitus rigidus causes a dorsal bunion

Hallux abducto valgus causes a medial bunion
What are the structures of the metatarsophalngeal complex?
extensor digitorum longus
hood ligament
extensor digitorum brevis
collateral ligaments
interosseous muscles
flexor digitorum longus
flexor digitorum brevis
A common finding after a keller bunionectomy is what kind of fractures?
stress fractures of the lesser digits
What is the compensation for medial column cavus
posterolateral imbalance w/retracted 1st and 2nd toes & STJ SUPINATION
What is the compensation for posterior cavus foot
STJ supination & forward shift of body balance
What is the compensation for lateral column cavus
STJ pornation
retractionfo the 4th and 5th digits
What are symptoms of medial tibial stress syndrome
pain along posterior medial aspect of tibia, dull ache with varying intensity
felt at beginning of of workout bu subsides, gets worse with persistent effort
Tx. reduce activy for 3-4 weeks, stetching, anti-nflammatory measures especially ices after workout
How long does it take for stress fractues to show up on x-ray
2-3 weeks
Symptoms of Anterior tibial tendinitis
pain and swelling over the anterior aspect of the ankle
pain on dorsiflexion of ankle
What is the most imprtan treatment ofr patellofemoral pain syndrome
strengthening quadrieps, also stretching hamstrings and IT band is important
Symptoms of patellofemoral pain syndrome
longstanding anterior knee pain,
pain is exacerbated going up or down staris, and jumping or running
grating / cruncy feeling and edema /synovitis cna occur
Signs and symptoms of Iliotibial band syndrome?
pain and point tenderness over latera femoral epicondyle about 2-3 cm proximal fo the knee joint line
pain running down hill
relief by walking or running stiff legged
pain intense at heel strike
may have edema and inflammation
Pain is way out of proprotion to actual problem
What will you see in a DP x-ray of an equinus foot
increased tal-calcaneal divergence angle
medial talar escape
lateral calcaeus nd forfoot dispalcement
increased cuboid abductio agnel
kidner syndrome
mmay hav eenlarge navicular "gorillaform " naviuclar
What are the biomechanical effects of paralyis of tibialis anterior
cock-up hallux
plantar flexed 1st ray
foot drop
cavus non-weightberain foot
What do you see on a lateral x-ray of equinus foot
reduced or negative calcaneal incliniation angle
increased talr declination angle
anterior breaki in thecyma lyine
obliterated sinus tarsi
talo-naviuclar fault
forefoot supinatius w/ superimposition fo 1st ray
possible elevatus of 1st ray
What kind of problems woudl a plantar flexed 1st ray cause
retrograde force at MTJ and STJ
increase in calcaneal inclination angle
tibiais psoterior attenuation
tibials anterior weakness
extensor hallucis long cause codk up hallus
What deformities combine to cause club foot
clubfoot causes ____ rotation of the leg and _____ talus
clubfoot cause external rotation of the leg and flat topped talus
Where do you get shoe wear with rearfoot valgus
medial heell and endtire medial counter of shoe
Supinatus is maintained by the _____ tendon
Supinatus is maintained by the Tibialis Anterior tendon
In patients with reafoot valgus the calcaneus hits the ground____
How does reafoot valgus affect the hallux and 5th toe
there is a callus on the medial sode of hte hallux
there ian adducto varus and lateral aspect callus of the 5th toe
Pulling of what muscle cause hallux varus?
abductor hallucis
pulling of what muscle causes HAV?
Adductor hallucis
The lumbricals are ____ to the transverse metatarsal ligament
THe lumbricals are plantar tot he transverse metatarsal ligament
What is the porto pedis?
The porto pedis is a ringlike canal through with the neruvascualr bundle passes as it enters the foot . It is an ara between the calcaneus an the abducto hallucis
When do children typically get calcaneal apophysitis?
What is another name for calcaneal apophysitis?
sever's disease
What is Legg-Calve-Perhtes disease
AVN of the proximal feoral epiphysis, can result in hip joint deofrmity and siapility in later life
Metatasu primus elevatus causes what lesion patterns?
submet head 2, plantar medial met head one, sub hallux IPJ, lesser digit contraction
Global anterior cavus causes what lesion patterns?
submethead 2-4 callus
claw toes with pipj lesions
Medial column cauves casue what lesion pattern
submet head 1 & 5 callus
cock-up hallux and lesser retracted digits with doral PIPJ lesions
Lateal column cavus cause what lesion patterns
submet head 5 callus
lesser 4 &5 digital retraction deformities with PIPJ lesions
metatarsus primus equinuis cause what lesion patterns
subment head one callus
submet head 5 callus
cock up hallux sith doral IPJ lesion
retrocalcaneal pump bump
Ankle equinus deformity cause what lesion patterns
submet head 2-4 callus
HAV with bunion deformity
Tailor's buinion with splay foot
hammerote deformites 2-4
possible submet 5 base callus