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Bless Me Ultima Was Written By? In what year?
Rudolfo Anaya 1972
Where was BMU Published and what award did it win.
Small CA Publishing House. Won Penn Center Award
What year was BMU Re-released and what did it achieve?
1991- Most widely read hispanic novel in america
What is Rudolfo's Famous quote on all writing?
"All writing is biographical, not autobiographical, and it comes from experience."
What Is Luna? What is Marez?
Moon, Sea
Name the three things chicano literature contains?
1) Struggle of a character and social class barrier
2) developed by making reader awar of conditions
3) WW2 in New Mexico
The fact that Antonio dreams of his own birth depicts what literary term?
Magic Realism
List 5 events in Rudolfo Anaya's Life that are parallel to BMU
1.) Mother catholic and daughter of a Farmer
2.) Brothers went to war
3.) Grew up in all spanish speaking household
4.)Father went along with whatever(Silent, dran, broken man)
5.) Gentle at home and a savage at school
According to Anaya name two elements that plague the young?
loss of love and loss of faith
Name Rudolfo's second novel, when it was written, and a significant fact about it?
Heart of Aztlan (1976) Speak of barrio, yound envious
Name Rudolfo's Third novel, when it was written, and a significant fact about it?
Tortuga (1979) "his hospital story"
Ultima the character is made up of what?
both male and femal principles blended together
Name the author that was an influential chinese american author
Maxine Hong Kingston
What did the author who influenced Anaya Francisco Domicn beleive in?
writing is a strict discipline, meditate what you are doing, enter the world creating
What was of most value to anaya in his writing?
Preseve the spiritual aspect of nature
Name 8 3's in BMU?
asked blessing on (Lupito, Narciso, Florence)
Tenorio tries to kill ultima 3 times
3 daughter
3 brothers
3 grades
3 deaths
3 adults
3 faiths
IN BMU, Where is the title reference
PAGE 260 when anonio aks ultima to bless him one more time before she dies
When Ultima Blessed antionio what did she bless him with?
In the name of all that was good and strong and beautiful, encouraged him to love life and fight despai, and told him he could find her in the eveningg winds and when the owls sing.
Define Magic Realism and give 3 examples of it in BMU?
Underlines the marvelous and surprising of everyday life by describing it in magical images and sequence of events

ex1 antonio dreams about his own birth
ex2 whirlwind
ex3 the "prescence" of the river
What is the motif in BMU
"bless me"
What is the Initiaion in BMU
unawareness to awareness/ignorance to knowledge
Define Bildungsroman
a novel that depicts the spiritual growth of education of the hero- usually a young man- as he faces various moral and intellectual crisis and meets characters representing different attitudes toward life.
What does antonio's father say when he asks him about evil?
"I think most of the things wer call evil are not evil at all; it is just that we dont understand those things and so we call them evil"
Name his brothers and rank them?
Eugene: Youngest yet leader, loner
Leon: oldest but follower
Andrew:(middle) liked to be his own man
IN BMU anme some similarities between Huck Finn and antonio
beleive in superstiion
-seek independence
- do not know were going in life
- both naive and trusting
Why is BMU parallel to OMM
CA farm dream
Name Two Ways Ultima Interferes with destiny?
Helps lucas
Decided what antionio will be at birth
What is rudolfo anaya's birth destiny and why
a man of learning+reached for pen and parer+promise never die= wrote book so will live on