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Which means are used by Avenger class MCMs to find, classify and destroy moored and bottom mines?
Sonar and video systems
Cable cutters
Mine detonating device
Designator for an ammunition supply ship?
Designation of ship used to deliver fuel, oil, jet fuel, and other petroleum products?
Designation of ship used to supply dry and refrigerated stores?
What type of auxiliary ship is a combat support ship?
Which terms applies to the transfer of fuel, munitions, supplies, and personnel from one vessel to another while ships are underway?
Replenishment at Sea
A separation of what approximate distance is maintained between the replenishment ship and the ship it's replenishing?
100 feet
The AOE is designed to operate at what approximate distance between itself and the ship its replenishing?
200 feet
Most fleet tugs are operated by which organizations?
Military Sealift Command
Combatant craft usually operate in what areas?
Coastal waters
Which burns is considered the most serious?
Third degree
A closed fracture is one where the skin is intact and an open fracture is one where the skin is broken?
When choosing a material to use a splint, you should choose material that has which characteristics?
Light weight
Fairly rigid
Which are symptoms of a broken bone?
Inability to use limb
Which are symptoms of a sprain or strain?
Inability to use the part
What is one of the easiest ways to carry an unconsious person?
Fireman's carry
In compartments with access hatches that are too small to permit the use of regular strechers, you would remove an injured person using what type of stretcher?
Neil Robertson
Sexually transmitted diseases may be spread through the use of inanimate objects, such as toilet seats, bed linens, or drinking glasses?
If left untreated, syphillis may cause which conditions?
Heart disease
Mental illness
Sterility is the result of leaving which STDs untreated?
Compartments used to store compressed gas cylinders should not be allowed to rise above what maximum temperature?
130 degrees
On non-cargo ships, in what position should compressed gas cylinders be stored?
Vertically, valve up
Compartments that contain compressed gasses are ventilated for what length of time if ventilation has been secured?
15 min
Oxygen and chlorine cylinders may be stored in close proximity to fuel or gas cylinders?
Only trained and medically qualified personnel are authorized to remove asbestos?
A tool is classified as power-driven if it has which power sources?
Compressed air can be used to clean disassembled machinery parts provided the pressure doesn't exceed how many pounds per square inch?
30 psi
You should not use liquid soaps or scented dissinfectants to clean up spilled sewage for what reason?
They may temporarily disguise inadequate clean up procedures
You should not smoke around sewage handling equipment for what reason?
Gases found around equipment and given off by sewage are explosive.
Which items can be used to protect personnel from chemical warfare agents?
Nerve agents antidotes
What is your personal first line of defense in chemical warfare?
Protective mask
A Protective Mask does not protect the wearer against what gases?
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
The mechanical filter in the filtering system of protective masks clears the inhaled air of which kinds of contaminants?
Solid and liquid particles only
The useful life of masks filter element depends on which conditions?
Breathing rate of the wearer.
When the filter canister for the MK V protective mask is left in its original hemetically sealed container, what is the shelf life?
The size of the MCU-2P protective mask issued to each person depends on which factors?
Face length
When you don or adjust the MCU-2P mask, which mask parts should not be held?
In a actual chemical threat situation, what should be the first step in donning the MCU-2P?
Stop breathing
Since large droplets of CW agent may penetrate impregnated clothes, which types of clothing should be worn topside as the outside garment over the impregnated clothing?
Wet weather clothing.