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When using mouth-to-mouth technique for administering artificial ventilation, how often should you force air into the victims lungs?
Once every 5 seconds
The mouth to nose technique for administering artificial ventilation is effective on which of the following victims?
The victim who is very young
The victim who has extensive facial injuries
When using the back pressure/arm lift technique for administering artificial ventilation, you should repeat the cycle how many times per minute?
10 to 12
CPR should be started within how many minutes of the onset of cardiac arrest?
4 min
When administering CPR, you should place your hands on what area of the victim's chest
On the tip of the sternum
When using the one rescuer CPR technique, you should administer how many compressions per minute?
60 to 80
When using the one rescuer CPR technique, you should give how many ventilations after each set of compressions?
When using the two rescuer CPR technique, you should use what ratio of compressions to ventilations?
5 to 1
Which structural components is the backbone of a ship?
Which structural components divides the interior of a ship into compartments?
Which structural components form the ships hull?
The vertical distance from the bottom of the keel to the waterline of the ship is identified by what nautical term?
Which structural components support decks?
Athwartships deck beams
Fore and aft deck girders
The freeing ports that let water run off during heavy weather are identified by which term?
Which terms defines the first complete deck below the main deck?
Second deck
The device that bears up tight on wedges and holds watertight doors closed is identified by what term?
Which term defines the horizontal openings for access through decks?
Which terms defines the solid part of a ship above the main deck?
Which is a type of mast?
What is the purpose of running rigging?
To hoist, lower, or control booms or boats
Commissioned ships of the US Navy fly a commission penant that is secured to what point?
To a pigstick and hoisted to a truck
A petty officer receives general authority from what document?
US Navy Regulations
A petty officer receives organizational authority from what document?
A petty officer can take certain measures to correct minor infractions under which Articles of the UCMJ?
Article 15
EMI is classified as what type of corrective action?
Non Punitive
The purpose of EMI is to correct a training deficiency and deprive normal liberty
Authority to assign EMI may be delegated to which lowest level?
CMEO is an equal opportunity management system controlled primarily a which level?
Which supervisors supports the Navy's Equal Opportunity program?
The one who relates positively and directly with all people equally
You should conduct career information interviews with junior personnel for which purpose?
Inform them about the Navy
Inform them of their benefits
Which type of reenlistment applies to personnel who desire to convert to a critically undermanned rating?
Which types of reenlistment offers guaranteed advancement to petty officer second class for qualified personnel after completion of C school?
Which organizations offers the only supplemental insurance endorsed by the Navy?
Navy Mutual Aid Society
When, if ever, are you allowed MALT payments?
When you travel by privately owned vehicle during PCS move
If you die on active duty, your spouse would receive a lump sum payments of $3000 in which type of payment?
Death Gratuity
A dependent parent of an active duty sailor qualifies for CHAMPUS benefits?
A dependent parent-in-law of an active duty service member qualifies for treatment under the Uniformed Services Health Benefits Program?
The maximum CHAMPUS deductible a service member with a wife and six chidren would have to pay is...?
$300 per family
Which amount is the CHAMPUS catastrophic cap for retired service members?