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Under what article of the Navy Regulations may a person be charged with sexual harassment?
On what date did the orignal UCMJ become effective?
May 31, 1951
Article 137 of the UCMJ states,"...certain articles of the code must be explained carefully to every enlisted person... at the time the person enters active duty and after 6 months of active duty." At what other time interval must article 137 be explained?
each time the person reenlists
What article of the UCMJ explaines the CO's NJP?
The status of an absentee changes from absence without leave to deserter after how many days of absence?
30 unless it is known before that the member intends to be a deserter
What is article 87 under the UCMJ?
Missing Movement
What is article 134 under the UCMJ?
General article
What is article 85 under the UCMJ?
What is article 86 under the UCMJ?
Absence without leave
What is article 89 under the UCMJ?
Disrespect toward Superior Commissioned Officer
What is article 90 under the UCMJ?
Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer
What is article 91 under the UCMJ?
Insubordinate conduct toward Warrant Officer, NCO, Or Petty Officer
What is article 92 under the UCMJ?
Failure to obey order or regulation
What is article 98 under the UCMJ?
Noncompliance with procedural rules
What is article 112 under the UCMJ?
Drunk on duty
What is article 112a under the UCMJ?
Wrongful use, Possession, etc, of Controlled Substances
Under the UCMJ article 116, Riot or Breach of Peace, the term riot is used when a disturbance is caused by what minimum number of people?
What UCMJ article provides specific statuatory authority for the prosecution of bad-check offenses?
If a person considers his /her punishment under the UCMJ article 15 (NJP)unjust, the person has the right to appeal to the next superior authority in the chain of command. How many days is generally considered reasonable for submitting an appeal?
Under article V of the Code of Conduct, what is the only information you are allowed to give?
Date of birth
What are the 3 types of Court Martial?