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Aboard ship, there are how many categories of shipboard sound-powered phone circuits?
Which of the following statements is a rule for circuit discipline?
Transmit only official messages
b. Keep the button in the OFF position when not transmitting
c. Use only standard words and phrases
all of the above
Which of the following sound-powered phone circuits is used as the CO^s battle circuit?
Which of the following shipboard announcing systems is used for hangar deck damage control?
On small ships, personnel from what watch are responsible for hoisting and hauling down absentee pennants?
Quarterdeck watch
When using the mouthpiece of a sound-powered phone set to report contacts, how far from your mouth should you position the mouthpiece?
1/2 to 1 inch
Which of the following statements defines the term ^colors^?
Colors consist of our national ensign along with the union jack
Aboard ship, a man overboard is indicated by what emergency to the ship?
An officer in command entitled to a personnel flag is embarked in a boat on an official mission. Where should the pennant be flown?
In the bow
Which of the following shipboard announcing systems is called the general announcing system?
Which of the following shipboard announcing systems is called the general announcing system?
On large ships, what person is responsible for making sure that special flags or pennants are displayed to indicate changing events aboard ship?
Duty signalman
Which of the following flags are half-masted at the death of the CO?
National ensign
b. Union jack
c. Commission pennant
What category of shipboard telephone circuits is designed to maintain vital communications and are preceded by the letter X?
Auxiliary system
What administrative flag is used to recall all personnel to the ship?
To report serial number 23NC116 over the sound-powered telephone circuit, you would report the serial number in what way?
Too, tree, november, charlie, india, wun, six
The IVCS has which of the following components?
b. Accessories
c. ICSC^s
What is the purpose of the 20MC announcing system?
Combat information announcing system
Why should you unplug a phone^s headset when it^s not in use?
Earpieces will pick up noise and transmit it over the circuit
Which of the following types of flags and pennants is/are used by the Navy?
Substitute flags
b. Numeral pennants
c. International alphabet flags
To keep the meaning of a message intact when standing duty as a telephone talker, what action should you take?
Repeat the message word for word
Which of the following persons is authorized to pass calls over the 1MC?
b. XO
c. CO
Where is a list of special flags and pennants normally posted as a ready reference for watch standers?
Quarterdeck area
It is important for you to remember that the mouthpiece and earpiece of sound-powered telephones are interchangeable for which of the following reasons?
They can be interchanged if a piece breaks
c. Undesirable noises can be fed into the system
What administrative flag is flown in port to indicate the ship has ready duty?
The headset of sound-powered telephones is picked up as a unit for which of the following reasons?
To make sure you have all the parts
b. To avoid breaking them
When a naval ship is in port or at anchor, the union jack is flown from what location?
The jackstaff
Which of the following elements is included when taking a message?
Name of caller
b. Message
c. Time and date
The U.S. Navy flag is flown in which of the following situations?
At official ceremonies or official public gatherings when the Navy is officially a participant
b. In parades
c. In official Navy occasions
When under way, the national ensign is normally flown from what location?
The gaff