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What is the "JC" shipboard sound powered circuit?
Weapons Control
What is "JL" shipboard sound powered circuit?
What is the "21JS" shipboard sound powered circuit?
Surface Search Radar
What is the "22JS" shipboard sopund powered circuit?
Air Search Radar
What is the "61JS" shipboard sound powered circuit?
Sonar information
What is the "1JV" shipboard sound powered circuit?
Maneuvering and docking
What is the "2JZ" shipboard sound powerd circuit?
Damage Control
What is the "X8J" shipboard sound powered circuit?
Replenishment at sea
What types of terminal devices are used with the Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS)?
network terminal and dial terminal
How are sound powered telephone circuits designated when an Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS)is installed
As secondary communication circuits
How can an operator of the Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS)communicate without using the press-to-talk switch?
by depressing the hands-free push switch on the unit
What is the "heart" of the intergrated voice communications system(IVCS)?
The Interior Communication Switching Center (ICSC)
when may a classified information be discussed in the telephone conversation?
ONLY when authorized over APPROVED secure communications circuit
What information should be provided when answering a telephone on a nonsecure communications circuit?
Inform the caller that the telephone is nonsecure
How are communication on the sound powered phone system phrased?
In the declarative (statement) instead of the interrogative (question)
What is the general purpose of the shipboard announcing and intercom system, circuits 1MC through 59MC?
to transmit orders and information between station with the ship by amplified voice communication by either a central amplifier systemor an intercommunication sys.
Who is incharge of the 1MC cricuit?
the OOD
What is the shipboard annoucncing system from one point to another and is used to communicate between two ships?
The bullhorn (6MC)
What type of systemare the 1MC,2MC,3MC, and 6MC circuits?
they are all on way systems
what is the 4MC circuit
What is the 19MC circuit?
Avation ready room
What is the 21MC circuit?
Captians command
What is the 22MC circuit?
Radio central
What is the 24MC circuit?
What is the 26MC circuit?
Machinery control
What is the 2MC circuit
Propulsion Plant
What is the 18MC circuit