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The national ensign is hoisted and lowered in which of the following ways?
Hoisted smartly, lowered cermoniously
When the national anthem is being played, Sailors in a boat must adhere to which of the following rules?
Only the boat officer ( or, if absent, the coxswain) salutes; all others reamin seated at attention
The term honors is defined by which of the following statements?
Salutes rendered by a ship, unit, post, station or an individual to high ranking individuals, other ships or nations
Which of the following terms defines the ceremony?
• A regular, expected action
• A way of acting
• A formal act performed on a publice occasion
A formal act performed on a publice occasion
While standing a sentry box, you are approached by an officer. What type of rifle salute should you render?
Present arms
Of the following salutes, which one• Gun
• Hand
• Rifle
• Ruffles and flourishes
is the most common?
Passing honors for boats are exchanged when boats pass within what distance?
400 yards
Which of the following naval customs is observed in the U. S. Navy by ships that are not under way?
Morning and evening colors are held each day
On Navy ships not under way, where is the union jack displayed?
The jack staff on the bow
Upon entering an area where Christian divine services are being held, you as messenger of the watch should take which of the following actions?
Uncover only
An enlisted person and two officers are about to board a boat. Which of the following procedures should the enlisted person follow in entering the boat?
Board first and sit forward, leaving room aft for the officers
Passing honors for ships are exchanged when ships pass within what distance?
600 yards
In a normal situation, how many paces from the person being saluted should the hand salute be rendered?
Which of the following characteristics define a custom?
• An act that is continued consistently over a long period of time
• A well-defined and uniformly followed act
• A generally accepted act not opposed to a statute, lawful regulation or order
• All of the answers
All of the answers
Salutes are rendered to all officers of the U.S. and foreign armed serivces. Officers belonging to which of the following organizations are also entitled to salutes?
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Public Health Service