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What are the three basic components of the Navy?
Navy department, Operating forces, and Shore establishment
During wartime the Coast Guard operates under which department?
During peacetime the Coast Guard operates under which department?
Department of Transportation
Aboard ship, the ship's organization and regulations can be found in which publication?
SORM (Shipboard Organization and Regulations Manual)
The SORM is based on what publication?
SORN (Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy)
Unit’s admin organization, including
watches,Coordination of evolutions and emergency
procedures, and Conduct of personnel are all aspects of a ship's organization covered by...
SORM (Shipboard Organization and Regulations Manual)
What are the two elements of a ship's organization?
Battle organization and Administrative organization
There is a total of how many departments on a ship?
The four departments usually found in an airaft squadron are...
Operations, Maintenance, Supply, and Administration
What are the three division of the safety department of an aviation squadron?
Ground Safety, Aviation Safety, and NATOPS
The operations department is responsible for the
operational readiness and tactical efficiency
of the squadron. (Tor F)
What are the five areas that affect the Chain of Command?
Responsibilty, Accountability, Direction, Communication, and Work related problems