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The three sources that contain the basic
disciplinary laws for the U.S. Navy are—
a. U.S. Navy Regulations
b. Standard Organization and Regulations of
the U.S. Navy
c. Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
How many articles are in the Code of Conduct?
When military police are from different armed
forces and combined to form one unit, they are
known as....
Armed Forces Police Detachment (AFPD)
The purpose of discipline in the military is to....
Bring about an efficient military organization
What theory of punishment is used by the Navy?
Chapter 10 of the Navy Regs deals with...
Responisbility and authority while carrying out orders
Chapter 11 of the Navy Regs deals with...
Your rights and responsibilities
Secretary of the Navy issues and the President
new Navy Regs and changes to Navy Regs
The instructions found in the OPNAVINST
3120.32 provide guidance and regulations for.....
the duties and responsibilities for all
personnel within a unit or organization
TheUCMJwas signed into law on....
13 May 1951
The three types of courts-martial are.....
Summary, special, and general