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List the four main sources of pollutants.
a.Agricultural runoff

b. Industrial

c. Municipal

d. Transportation operations
List the four main sources of pollutants.
a.Agricultural runoff

b. Industrual

c. Municipal

d. Transportation operations
What are two primary effects of pollution?
Physical and Biological world.
What is the primary pollution
concern of the Navy?
Pollution produced by shipboard waste.
To help reduce air pollution, what steps has the Navy taken to improve their power plants ashore and afloat?
The Navy has been converting their power plants to use more efficient pollution control systems for stack emissions.
Name the agrement that the Navy follows to dispose of treated sewage in foreign waters.
Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)
How many nautical miles from U.S. coastline can vessels discharge unpulped trash.
At least 25 nautical miles from the U.S. coastline before they can discharge unpulped trash.
What is the Navy's policy on energy conservation?
To improve the way it uses energy resources, without compromising readiness, effectiveness, or safety.
The Navy Sponsore Program was established by-
Chief of Naval Operations. (CNO)
What form should you use to request a sponsor?
NAVPERS 1330/2.
What program provides you with support and information about foreign lands?
Overseas Duty Support Program (ODSP)
What Navy program provides educational programs for people who don't meet the Navy's fitness or body fat standards and who also need to help change long-established bad health habits?
They take part in the Health and Physical Readiness Program.
With regard to pregnant servicewomen, what is the Navy responsibility?
Providing obstetrical care at a medical facility if it has obstetrical/ gynecological facilities and if the servicewoman lives in the treatement facility area.
List the responsibility of pregnant servicewomen.
a. Plan pregnancy to meet family an d military obligation
b. Confirm pregnancy with military medical facility.
c. Notify CO or OIC of pregnancy
d. Perform military duties while pregnant
e. Comply with work-and task-related safety and health recommendations
Service members must complete what forms for family care?
a. Family Care Plan Certificate, NAVPERS 1740/6

b. Family Care Plan Arrangments, NAVPERS 1740/7
List the areas that the Department of the Navy public affairs office informs the public and service members about.
a. The Navy as an instrument of national policy and security

b.Navy operations and programs

c. The responsibilities and activities of naval personnel as U.S. citizens
What is the Navy's policy on drug abuse?
Zero tolerance.