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Regaining a safe margin of stability and bouyancy.
Removing fire hazards
Maitaining watertight and fumetight integrity
Preserving stability and buoyancy
In considering your ship's defensive and offensive ability to fight the enemy, you should view damage control as which functions?
Controlling damage inflicted on a ship depends on which abilitities and initiatives of the crew?
Taking prompt corrective actions
Having a through knowledge of the ship
Using materials that are readily available
Who is responsible for carrying out the requirements of command damage control training?
Who is responsible for taking all practical preliminary measures before damage occurs?
Division officer
Division damage control petty officer are normally assigned for what minimum period of time?
6 months
Who performs the duties of the damage control petty officer outside normal working hours in port?
Section leader
After the DCPO and duty DCPO selections are made by the division officer, which officials must be informed of the assignments?
Fire Marshal
Damage Control Assistant
Who is responsible for supervising the setting of specified damage control material conditions within division spaces
Damage Control Petty Officer
The damage control administrative organization is contained within what department?
What organization is responsible for keeping the CO advised of the capabilities of the ship after a casualty?
Damage control central
What officer is responsible for assigning personnel to repair parties?
Division Officer
Who ensures replacement personnel assigned to repair parties are properly trained and that they attain PQS qualifications?
Damage Control Assistant
When making assignments to repair parties, which practices should you avoid?
Reassigning mass numbers of personnel
When personnel are engaged in repair party activities, they should NOT wear uniforms made of what type of material?
Polyester double knit
Under which circumstances may repair party personnel omit wearing life jackets and carrying a protective mask?
When wearing the OBA
What is the minimum acceptable number of personnel needed to compose the duty damage control party
During general quarters which persons is/are responsible for setting material condition Zebra in manned spaces?
Personnel in the space
Condition Zebra is fully set when which conditions has been met?
When all X-ray and Yoke fittings have been checked
To handle battle casualties, most ships have what minimum number of battle dressing stations?
In the absence of the repair party leader, what person is in charge of the repair locker?
On-scene leader
What person informs DCC of the nature of a fire or damage at the scene?
Repair party leader
To be an on-scene leader, you should be qualified in which areas?
Fire fighting
Damage Control repair
Each repair locker has what minimum number of investigators?
The at-sea fire party normally consists of what minimum number of persons?
At-sea, which of the following indications may be a symptom of a dangerous condition?
Wisp of smoke
Minor loss of power
Excessive warmth of a bulkhead
What are the first two steps in handling battle damage?
Remove casualties and control flooding
For which reasons should detailed investigation be made as soon as possible after damage occurs?
Secondary damage may be undetected
Hot splinters may be buried in combustibles
Flooding may be ocurring from partly opened valves
As a general rule, what degree of flooding indicates that a compartment is open to the sea?
Compartment is completely flooded
Compartment is flooded to sea level
For a compartment to completely flood from the deck to the overhead, which conditions must exist in the compartment
It must be vented
Which methods can be used to control flooding?
Jettisoning equipment
When rendering first aid to a victim, you should check the person for breathing, shock, and hemorrhage in what order?
Breathing, hemorrhage, shock
A fire will be extinguished when which components is eliminated?
When you are treating an unconsious person, you should NOT provide which actions?
Administer water or morphine
When fighting a class C fire which actions should you take first?
Deenergize all circuits
After a compartment has been flooded with CO2, what minimum length of time should you wait before opening the compartment?
15 minutes
What is the primary means of communicating between stations while combating damage?
Sound-powered telephone
Which circuits is the main damage control intercom circuit?
Which components of a nuclear weapon constitutes the most probable hazards in the event of an accident?
High explosives and plutonium
Any accident involving a nuclear weapon will result in a nuclear explosion
Dangerous high explosives that been scattered by an explosion may be recognized by their appearance. If they are fused, what will be their appearance?
The size of the kill zone and damage-survival zones of a nuclear detonation is determined primarily by which circumstances?
The weapon yield
Damage to boiler brickwork, especially floors
Underwater shock
Dishing and rupturing of shell plating below the waterline
Underwater shock
Dishing of shell plating above the waterline
Rupturing of topside piping systems
Water waves
The primary cause of injury to topside personnel who are exposed to a nuclear air blast is
Bodily displacement
If an underwater shock is expected which actions should you take to reduce the potential for personal injuries
Lie prone on the deck
If you see the sky light up from nuclear detonation, what is the first action you should take?
Close your eyes
Which type of major contamination is NOT likely in a nuclear attack?
In a contaminated ship, which types of radiation is the most significant radiation hazard
Gamma rays
Which methods would most likely be used to disseminate BW agents
The use of chemical warfare is directed primarily toward which targets?
Which weapons can be used to deliver CW agents?
Which CW agent is NOT considered a casualty agent?
Which CW agent is considered to be the most dangerous?
Symptoms of a nerve agent will occur about one minute after exposure. Approximately what length of time will pass before death occurs?
6 minutes
If a nerve agent is in the atmosphere in your location, you should don your protective mask. The mask may be removed under what circumstances?
The all clear signal is given
What is the maximum number of atropine injections you may give yourself without medical supervision?
What is the first thing you should do if your eyes become contaminated with a nerve agent?
Flush your eyes with uncontaminated water
What is the immediate decontamination procedure for the treatment of blister agents in the eyes?
Flush with water
If a person receives a heavy concentration of a chocking agent, death may occur within what approximate length of time?
3 hours
If you receive a concentration of a choking agent and experience nausea, vomiting, or difficulty in breathing, which actions should you take?
Rest quietly until evacuated by medical personnel
Which CW agents has been employed extensively as a riot control agent?
Which CW agents is used for harrasment but also may be dispersed with lethal chemical agents?
When planning for disaster response, your activity should first be concerned with which of the following considerations?
The activity's own survival
During what phase of disaster relief are survey teams dispatched to the disaster area?
Phase II
Under which conditions should personnel going into a disaster area be armed?
When authorized by the CO
The purpose of disaster relief is to provide
emergency relief
During what level of mission-oriented protective posture (MOPP) is all protective equipment required to be worn?
Level 4
As the on-scene leader, which postfire actions should you take?
Test for explosive gases
Set a reflash watch
Overhaul the fire
Which of the following odors may indicate the presence of blood agent
bitter almonds