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Personnel Advancement Requirements (PARs) must be completed before you can participate in...?
the Navy Advancement exam
Navywide advancement exams are based on which standards
Occupational standards
Which program provides the Navy with officers who are technical specialists in their fields?
Chief Warrant Officer Program
What maximum number of years active service can a Master Chief Petty Officer serve and still be eligible to apply for the Chief Warrant Officer Program?
24 years
Which officer programs does not require a college education?
Chief Warrant Officer Program
Limited Duty Officer Program
Which personnel may apply for the Chief Warrant Officer Program?
E8, Regular Navy, with 26 years of active duty
Personnel who apply for the CWO Physician's Assistant Program must be graduates of only the Basic Hospital Corps School.
Which personnel may NOT apply for the Limited Duty Officer Program
E9 with 15 years of active service
If you are a PO1 applicant for LDO and have met all requirements of CPO/SCPO applicants, which additional requirements must you meet?
Have a final multiple score (FMS) equal to or greater than the lowest FMS for PASS
What minimum active service obligation must ECP selectees have before detaching from their present command
6 years
ECP selectees must have finished sufficient undergraduate course work to be able to complete requirements for a technical degree within what maximum lenght of time?
36 months
Which courses are recomended for an individual preparing for LDO selection?
Navy Regulations
Human Behavior
Watch Officer
Quarters for muster and inspection are held each work day just before..?
Navy regulations requires the clothing of all nonrated personnel to be inspected at what interval?
At regular intervals
As the relieving OOD of a ship moored to a pier, which checks should be part of your relieving procedure?
Determining which lines are in use
Reviewing current SOPA instructions
Determining which special conditions exist or are expected
A change in a ship's watch condition when getting underway, mooring, or modifying the condition of readiness is called
setting the watch
Experience has shown that the ability to handle casualties and tactical decisions is significantly reduced during which events?
When the watch is being set
If continuity of watches has been interrupted, you should read the commentary sections of the ship's log for what minimum number of preceding watches before relieving the OOD?
During the relief of the OOD, who is responsible for ensuring the oncoming OOD is properly briefed on the overall situation of the ship
The offgoing and oncoming OOD
In the absence of the CO in port, who is primarily responsible for the safety and proper operation of the unit?
Officer of the Deck
Which watchstanding assignments gives a petty officer equal status with a commissioned or chief warrant officer assigned to the same watch?
To stand OOD inport watches, you must be designated in writing by which individuals?
If weather conditions are such that suspending boating operations is advisible, what officer does the OOD notifies?
Command Duty Officer
As part of a routine watch, at which of the following times does the OOD obtain permission form the CO to strike eight bells?
0800, 1200, 2000
On ships having a Marine detachment, brow and pier sentries report to which individuals?
If you apprehend someone for a violation of the UCMJ, at what point does your responsability for the apprehension end?
When the person is delivered to proper authority
During what degree of restraint may an individual be required to perform full military duties?
Restriction in lieu of arrest
A person seeking asylum aboard a Navy ship on the high seas may be surrendered to foreign authorities upon the authorization of who?
Secretary of the Navy
While in Rota, Spain, refuge is granted to a person aboard your ship, but foreign authorities request return of the person. To which authority the request be reported?
Chief of Naval Operations
The ship's deck log may be used in which ways?
As a chronological record of ship's event
As a legal evidence in fact finding proceedings
The original copy of ship's deck log is submmited monthly to...?
Chief of Naval Operations
For what minimum length of time is a copy of the ship's deck log retained onboard before being destroyed?
6 months
Certifying that the ship's deck log entries are correct and complete before submitting the log to the CO for signature is the responsability of the...?
Command Duty Officer
General visiting aboard ship is normally conducted between which hours?
1300 to 1600
During general visiting a guide should be assigned to each group of visitors. What is the maximum number of visitors per group?
If the CO of a ship approves a classified visit by a foreign national, who must also authorize the visit?
Chief of Naval Operations
Who is directly responsible to the CO for the posting of all security watches and sentries?
When armed and standing the OOD watch, when may you remove the pistol from its holster?
When you must resist forceful entry to the ship
When you must make the inspection required when relieving the watch
If the fantail security watch issues a challenge and no answer is received, which actions should be taken to summon assistance?
Sound a whistle
Which term is used to describe an unplanned event that interrupts work and produces damages and injury?
Mishaps in the Navy are most often caused by the actions of people
Mishaps are investigated for what reason?
To prevent repeats of the mishap
To correct unsafe conditions
To avoid major accidents
A mishap that results in what circumstances should be investigated?
When damage exceeds $500
When a tool drops from aloft but causes no injuries
When the injured worker needs minor medical attention
Which person is responsible for training division personnel in mishap prevention
Safety Petty Officer
What are the duties of the Division Safety Petty Officer?
To conduct training and maintain training records
To assists in mishap investigations as directed
To represent the division at the command safety committee
Looking, with safety on mind, at what people are doing as you go from place to place
Deliberately observing how a person handles some part of a job
Checking regularly on how safely all hazardous jobs are performed
What publication outlines the command safety program and the safety organization
Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy
To do a good job of detecting unsafe practices, what types of safety observations should you use?