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Standard subject identification codes (SSICs) provide which standard systems throughout the Navy
When writing a naval letter, you should ensure it is well organized and orderly. Which writing method is not correct.
Stating explanations before answers
The order that references appear in the reference block of a naval letter is based on which factor
The order in which they appear in the text
Paragraphs in a naval letter should be short and contain roughly what maximum number of sentences.
4 to 5
For an idea to gain emphasis within a sentence, where should it appear?
At the start or the end of the sentence
To save words, clarify ideas and provide balance when you wish to express two or more equally important ideas in a sentence, you should use which of the following types of sentence construction?
Parallel sentences
To make your writing more like speaking, you should use which of the following writing techniques?
Write directly to a user
As a subordinate writing to a senior, which approaches should you avoid when setting the tone of the letter?
Which of the following words hurt naval writing by stretching sentences, delaying meaning, and hiding responsability.
It is
For economy in writing, you should use as many abbreviations as possible
CMEO is an equal opportunity management system controlled primarily at which level?
Which supervisors supports the Navy's Equal Opportunity program?
The one who relates positively and directly with all people equally
To manage and supervise people effectively, you must have which leadership skills?
The ability to listen and understand what people have to say
To help your subordinates grow both personally and professionally, you must use which supervisory practices?
Provide timely feedback on performance
Provide on the job training
Identify their strengths and weaknesses
If a person commits an act of arbitrary discrimination, the commanding officer may take which of the following disciplanary actions?
Assign lower evaluation marks
Award nonjudicial punishment
Submit a recommendation for separation
The Navy Rights and Responsabilities workshop is conducted by which group
Command Training Team (CTT)
Which of the following subjects is NOT covered during the Navy Rights and Responsabilities workshop
Combatant skills
Information concerning equal opportunity contained in command records may be obtained through which methods?
What two methods of data collecting by the CAT require other data sources to be used to draw conclusions and produce findings that can be validly interpreted?
Observations and surveys
Under the UCMJ, punishment must be imposed within 2 years of the offense.
The Report and Disposition of Offenses, NAVPERS 1626/7, contains what information
Preliminary inquiry report
Action of the XO at screening mast
Record of any pre-mast restraint.
What information does NAVPERS 1626/7 does not provide?
all of the require pre-mast advice that must be given to the accused.
Who must ensure that whithin a reasonable amount of time of the report of an offense that the accused is fully advised of his/her rights concerning possible NJP?
Officer contemplating imposing NJP
The preliminary inquiry officer (PIO) completes what section of the NAVPERS 1626/7?
Section E
Under Art. 15, the CO has how many punishments identified that he/she can impose at mast?
Restriction is the least severe form of deprivation of liberty.
Arrest in quarters may only be imposed on which naval personnel?
W-2 through W-4
O-1 through O-10
Confinement on bread and water has a maximum duration of how many days?
Which punishment is considered the most severe form of NJP?
Reduction in grade
Under Art. 15 you have how many days to appeal the punishment awarded to you of you feel it was unjust or disproportionate?
Why has the Navy taken a firm stand against drug abuse?
Drug abuse undermines combined readiness
Drug abuse is costly in lost man-hours
Drug abuse causes the loss of morale and esprit de corps
What is the most valuable detection and deterrence tool used by the Navy to identify drug abusers?
Urinalisys testing
Each urinalysis sample is tested how many minimum number of times by the Navy's drug screening labs?
A drug abuser deeply under the influence of narcotics displays which of the following characteristics.
Which of the following paraphernalia found in locker is an indication that the person is a narcotics abuser?
Bent spoons
Cotton balls
A person who abuses heroin develops a tolerance for the drug. How does this tolerance affect the person's reaction to the drug?
Larger doses are required for the same effect
Normally, which signs is the first emotional reaction following a dose of heroin?
A state of inactivity
Drinking a large amount of cough medication is a common method of abusing which drug?
A drug abuser who has taken an overdose of cocaine may experience what reactions?
Which drugs can cause the heart or arteries to burst and cause a massive coronary?
Which drugs is abused on the pretense of weight control?
Abuse of which of the following types of drugs results in the apperance of alcohol intoxication but without the odor of alcohol on the breath?
Depressants overdose, when taken with alcohol, may result in which of the following conditions?
Abuse of which types of drugs may result in reocurring effects months after the drug has been taken?
Which indicators is one of the dangers to the hallucinogens abuser?
The unpredictibility of the effects of the drug.
Which conditions is an indicator of a marijuana abuser, presently under the influence?
Loud and rapid talking
Great bursts of laughter
In a stupor or seems sleepy
The effects of marijuana on the emotions and senses of the user depend on which of the following factors?
The amount and strenght of the substance
Volatile chemical abuse is usually indicated by which of the following conditions?
Smell of the chemical on the breath
Which of the following persons must have prior knowledge of a drug detection dog inspection or search?
The dog handler
The CO
Which types of behavior could be a positive clue that a person is abusing some form of drugs?
Repeatedly showing symptons associated with drug abuse.