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Eligibility for medical care at a military medical treatment facility is established by the ___________ and verified by the
Personnel office, medical treatment facility
The Mobile Medical Augmentation Readiness Team is a peacetime version of the Medical Augmentation Program.
A Navy letter carries the subject identification number 5320. What is the major subject of the letter?
General administration and management
Budget and accounting files are terminated and new files begun at what time(s)?
Annually, at the end of the fiscal year
In the process of making changes to directives, which of the following procedures should you follow?
Annotate the first page of the directive with ^CH-#^ (# = change number) to indicate the change has been incorporated into the directive
Detailed information concerning MMART can be found in what directive or manual?
In what publication would you find examples of and instructions for the proper formatting of a naval message?
NAVMED 6320/18, Binnacle List, is used to list all personnel falling into what status?
Excused from duty for 24 hours or less because of illness
All of the following are considered part of the primary mission of the medical battalion EXCEPT
The Marine Corps specially assigns members to the Fleet Marine Force to serve as medical and dental personnel
Through use of the Medical Augmentation Program (MAP), it is possible to do all of the following EXCEPT
augment operational medical personnel, as necessary
A member misses his clinical appointment. He has missed two previous appointments. What action, if any, should the Corpsman maintaining the appointment log take?
Notify the member^s chain of command that he has missed several appointments
Which of the following could be considered accurate attributes of a fleet hospital?
Transportable, with 100 to 500 beds, providing moderately sophisticated care
Tickler files are used to determine all of the following EXCEPT
shipGÇÖs movement/port schedule
A notice issued under the Navy Directive Issuance System has the same force and effect as an instruction.
The Medical Department Journal contains a chronological record of events concerning the Medical Department and should include all of the following EXCE
medical histories of personnel
What is the process called that is used to determine the correct subject group under which documents should be filed?
A fleet hospital has what number of directorates?
It is prudent to cross-reference a piece of correspondence under which of the following circumstances?
The basic correspondence has separate enclosures
b. The document has multiple subjects
c. There is more than one applicable SSIC
Who establishes patient evacuation policy?
Secretary of Defense
NAVMED 6320/19 Morning Report of the Sick, must be submitted to the commanding officer daily by what time?
The operation of fleet hospital supply departments are conducted in accordance with what directive?