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What are weapons of mass destruction?
Chemical weapons; Biological agents; and Nuclear weapons
What warfare agents are used to kill or disable personnel by affecting their blood, nerves, lunges, or stomach?
Generally, antipersonnel agents are divided into how many types?
Cramps, breathing difficulty, nausea, headache, convulsions, and contractions of the pupils are all symptoms of which of the following types of contamination?
Nerve agent
Burns from exposure to mustard vapor will be more seriour in what body areas?
Neck, groin, armpits, (moist areas)
A person exposed to a blood agent may experience respiratory paralysis within what length of time?
Atropine and 2-PAM C1 oxime are used to counteract the effects and relieve the symptoms of which agents?
What type of agents are used to produce temporary misery and harassment?
Riot Control (tear and vomiting agents)
What agents can be used in BW operations?
Living organisms; Toxins; and Microtoxins
Which deseases can be spread as part of a BW attack?
Cholera; Anthrax; Typhoid fever; and influenza
In its early stage, what are symptoms of a BW attack?
Fever, inflammation, and malaise
Nuclear weapons have the capability of destroying areas in what way?
Blast, shock, and nuclear radiation
Nuclear explosions are divided into how many classes?
What would be the most effective type of nuclear strike to use against a battle group at sea?
Air blast
What type of nuclear strike would be used to destroy satellites and interrupt communications systems through the effect of EMP?
High Altitude blast
In what type of nuclear strike would the shock wave near ground zero be greater than the blast wave?
surface blast
What are the effects of nuclear weapons?
Blast waves or shock waves, incendiary, and radiation
If a nuclear blast at night causes you to experience flash blindness, you can expct your vision to recover in what length of time?
45 minutes (15 minutes during day)
What type of radiation hazard must enter the body through ingestion or cuts to cause bodily harm?
alpha particles
What is TREE (Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics)?
The affect of gamma or neutron radiation on shipboard electronic systems
A survey team is made up of what minimum number of personnel?
3 (monitor, recorder, and messenger)
What person is in chage of a survey team?
Areas contaminated by CW, BW, or nuclear agents are identified by markers having what shape?
True/False Dose rate is expressed in roentgens, which are gamma ray measurements only.
What does the acronym "radiac" stand for?
Radioactivity detection, indication, and computation
The nonself-reading, high-range casualty dosimeter measures what maximum amount of gamma radiation?
600 roentgens
What kit is used to check areas suspected to have been contaminated by CW agents?
M256A1 Kit
What actions should personnel topside take if an airburst occurs?
Close their eyes; drop to the deck; and cover as much exposed skin as possible
What pieces of protective equipments is/are the most important in protecting you against CBR agents?
Protective mask
Protective masks serve how many funtions?
2 (filters the air, purifies the air)
You should be able to don and adjust your protective mask in what maximum amount of time?
10 seconds
the MCU-2/P protective mask has how many voice emitters?
The chemical protective overgarment consists of how many parts?
2 (smock and trousers)
True/False The chemical protective overgarment can be used for protection against radiological contamination.
What statement best describes the purpose of the mission oriented protective posture (MOPP)?
Provides a means to establish levels of readiness
At what MOPP level would all protective equipment be worn with the hood up and secured?
How many levels of decontamination are there?
A decontamination team usually consists of how many people?
What is the most effective way to decontaminate biological agents?
uusing a chemical disinfectant
Aboard ship, a decontamination station has how many parts?
3 (contaminated/unclean area, washing area, and clean area)
True/False Showering will destroy nuclear and biological agents.
The Collective Protection System (CPS) consists of how many protection zones?
2 (Total, limited)
What level of CPS provides the maximum operational protection envelope?