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The neckerchief is made from which of the following materials?
a. Black silk
b. Black acetate
c. Both a and b
d. Black cotton
c. both a and b
What kind of know is used to tie a neckerchief?
Square Knot
What material is used to make government-issue dress blue jumpers and trousers?
Wool serge
What material is used to make government-issued dress white jumpers and trousers?
Navy twill
Which of the following uniforms is/are considered working uniforms?
a. Dungarees
b. Winter blues
c. Both a and b
d. Navy twill
c. Both a and b
When lage medals are prescribed for wear with the dress blue uniform, the uniform is known as
full dress
Which of the following uniforms is/are considered the working uniforms for female Sailors?
a. Belted blue slacks and blue winter shirt
b. Belted blue skirt and blue winter shirt
c. Dungarees
d. Each of the above
d. Each of the above
Enlisted Sailors, E-6 and below, are authorized to wear command or Navy ball caps with what type of uniform?
Where can you find information on what is the prescribed uniform of the day?
Division officers are required to inspect the uniforms of nonrated personnel at regula intervals for what reason?
To make sure that each person has the prescribed uniform
Which of the following information is marked on uniforms?
a. Name
b. Social security number
c. Both a and b
d. Rank
C. Both a and b
What is the largest size stencil authorized for marking clothing?
1 inch
The transfer or exchange of enlisted personnel uniform items must be authorized by whom?
Commanding Officer
True or False: Military personnel may wear authorized military uniform articles of clothing with civilian clothing including shoes, gloves and knit watch cap.
Occupations groups are identified by what means?
A group mark, which is worn on the left sleeve of jumpers and white summer shirts
What is a striker mark?
A specialty mak of a particular rating, worn by personnel in paygrades E-1, E-2, and E-3 who have qualified for the rating
How many years of service must a person complete to be eligible to wear one service stipe (hash mark)?
How many years of continous good conduct are required before a person becomes eligible to wear gold service stripes?
How can you dtermine whether an officer is a line officer or a staff corps officer?
A star is worn on the sleeve or shoulder board of the line officer
What insignia is worn by officers and enlisted personnel who have qualified in all phases of surface warfare?
Surface Warfare
What insignia is worn by personnel who have qualified to serve in submarines?
Submarine warfare
What insignia is worn by personnel qualified to serve in flight?
Aviation warfare
In what year was the Purple Heart founded by President Washington?
Which of the following is an expample of a campaign or a service award?
a. Medical Scientific Societies
b. Silver Life Saving Medal
c. Good Conduct Medal
d. Navy "E"
c. Good Conduct Medal
What is the maximum number of ribbons that may be worn in each row?
What means of identification must you carry with you at all times?
Armed forces identificatioin card
Under which of the following circumstances may you surrender (give up) your ID card?
a. To show a change in rank
b. To correct an error
c. To effect a name change
d. Each of the above
d. each of the above
Which of the following is the purpose of the armed forces ID card under article 17 of the Geneva Convention?
a. As a means of identification and casualty reporting
b. As a means of grave registration for members who die in a combat zone
c. Both a and b above
d. As a means of identificaion for POWs
d. As a means of identificaiton for POWs
While on active duty, you must wear you ID tags under which of the following conditions?
a. In time of war
b. When engaged in flight operations
c. When prescribed by the CNO
d. All of the above
d. All of the above
What type of information is found on ID tags?
Last name, first name, and middle initial, SSN, blood type, and Rh factor, religious preference