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What is sea power?
Sea power is a nation’s ability to protect its
political, economic, and military interests by
controlling the seas.
List the principal operational components of our
nation’s sea power.
The principal operational components of our
nation’s sea power are—
a. Naval power
b. Ocean science
c. Ocean industry
d. Ocean commerce
According to Alfred Mahan, there are six
conditions required for a nation to have sea
power. List these conditions.
The six conditions required for a nation to have
sea power according to Mahan are—
a. An advantageous geographical position
b. Serviceable coastlines, abundant natural
resources, and a favorable climate
c. Extent of territory
d. A population large enough to defend its
e. A society with an aptitude for the sea and
commercial enterprise
f. A government with the influence to
dominate the sea
In today’s world, what aspects of naval strength
exist that didn’t exist in the 19th century.
In today’s world, sea power includes maritime
industry and marine sciences. Maritime
industry and science add to our national
economy by exploring new resources for food,
fresh water, minerals, and new living spaces.
As this century closes, no nation is totally
independent. To protect ourselves and to keep
our economy going, this country must take the
following actions:
To protect ourselves and to keep our economy
going, this country must—
a. Import raw materials, convert them into
manufactured goods, and transport them
to marketplaces throughout the world via
b. Keep sea-lanes open and safe in times of
peace and tension, and deny sea-lanes to
the enemy in times of war
List the primary tasks of the Navy’s operating
The primary tasks of the U.S. Navy’s operating
forces are to—
a. Seek out and destroy enemy naval forces
b. Suppress enemy sea commerce gains
c. Maintain general naval supremacy
d. Control vital sea areas
e. Protect vital sea lines of communication
List three of the ways that the Navy uses to
modernize its arsenal.
The Navy is modernizing its arsenal by—
a Researching and developing new weapons
b. Laying up old ships to save the cost of
operating andoverhauling so money can be
shifted to constructing modern ships
c. Purchasing highly effective aircraft and
ships, such as nuclear propulsion aircraft
carriers (CVNs) and ballistic submarines
(SSBNs), and at the same time, developing
new classes of cost-effective ships
As determined by national strategy, what are the
missions of the U.S. Navy?
The missions of the Navy determined by our
national strategy are—
a. Sea control
b. Power projection
Navy missions are determined by national
strategy. List some of the ways the Navy carries
out their missions.
Navy missions, as determined by national
strategy, are carried out by—
a. Maintaining a ready and capable
submarine-launched variety of ballistic
b. Deploying operationally ready naval forces
to various overseas locations throughout
the world
c. Maintaining an open and secure sea line of
communication between the U.S. and its
forward deployed forces allies and areas of
the world essential for imports
Describe the peacetime mission of the U.S.
Merchant Marines.
In peacetime, the U.S. Merchant Marines
transport essential materials to and from the
United States for the defense of the freeworld.
List the wartime mission of the U.S. Merchant
In wartime, the mission of the U.S. Merchant
Marines is to—
a. Resupply American and allied military
forces overseas
b. Provide wet and dry replenishments and
other direct services to ships underway
c. Increase combatant naval forces by being
armed to carry out convoy antiaircraft, and
antisubmarine duties
d. Transport essential materials and cargo
needed for the U.S. economy and the
economy of allies overseas
List the peacetime missions of the U.S. Coast
The peacetime mission of the Coast Guard
a. Enforcing maritime laws and treaties
b. Conducting search and rescue operations
c. Enforcing U.S. drug and contraband laws
d. Installing and maintaining aids to
e. Icebreaking operations that keep
commercial vessel traffic moving in
domestic waters and support scientific
research in the Artic and Antartic
List the wartime missions of the U.S. Coast
The wartime mission of the U.S. Coast Guard
a. Maintaining in-port safety and security
b. Maintaining commercial vessel safety
c. Assuming convoy duties as well as
antisubmarine warfare duties
What is the peacetime mission of the Military
Sealift Command?
The peacetime mission of the Military Sealift
Command is to support the mission-ready
ships at sea by providing fuel and other
essential supplies.
What is the wartime mission of the Military
Sealift Command?
The wartime mission of the Military Sealift
Command is to—
a. Move troops, equipment, and other
b. Provide replenishment to ships on station
and under-way