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The Navy Rights and
Responsibilities workshop is
conducted by which of the following
1. Command Training Team (CTT)
2. Command Assesment Team (CAT)
3. Command Rights and Responisibilities Team
4. Striker Board
Which of the following subjects is
NOT covered during the Navy Rights
and Responsibilities workshop?
1. Navy Regulations
2. Combatant skills
3. Enlistment contract
4. Grievance and redress
Combatant Skills
Information concerning equal
opportunity contained in command
records may NOT be obtained through
which of the following methods?
1. Surveys
2. Training
3. Interviews
4. Observations
Without using court-martial
intervention. what article of the
UCMJ empowers a commanding officer
to impose punishment for minor
offenses on both officer and
enlisted personnel?
1. 5
2. 10
3. 15
4. 20
The Report and Disposition of
Offense(s), NAVPERS 1626/7,
contains all of the following
information except
1. preliminary inquiry report
2. action of the XO at screening
3. record of any pre-mast
4. all of the required pre-mast
advice that must be given to
the accused
All of the required pre-mast advice that must be given to the accused
Who must ensure that within a reasonable amount of time of the
report of an offense that the
accused is fully advised of his or
her rights concerning a possible
1. Legal officer
2. Chief Master-at-Arms
3. Officer contemplating imposing
4. Department head and division
officer of the accused
The officer contemplating imposing NJP
Your rights are
UCMJ article?
1. 15
2. 31
3. 37
4. 38
Your rights are found under what
UCMJ article?
1. 15
2. 31
3. 37
4. 38
The PIO completes what section of the NAVPERS 1626/7?
1. C
2. E
3. G
4. I
Under article 15 of the UCMJ, the
commanding officer has how many
punishments identified that he or
she can impose at mast?
1. 3
2. 6
3. 9
4. 12
Under article 15 of the UCMJ, you
have how many days to appeal the
punishment awarded to you if you
feel that it was unjust or
1. 5
2. 10
3. 15
4. 20
Which of the following persons is
responsible for training division
personnel in mishap prevention?
1. Leading petty officer
2. Safety petty officer
3. Training petty officer
4. Damage control petty officer
Safety Petty Officer
Which of the
outlines the
following publications
command safety program
and the safety organization?
1. Standard Organization and
Regulations of the U.S. Navy
2. U.S. Navy Safety Precautions
3. Navy Safety Precautions for
Forces Afloat
4. Navy Occupational Safety and
Health Program
Which of the following forms can be
used to document a safety
observation or a JSA?
1. OPNAV Form 1348/6
2. OPNAV Form 5100/14
3. A locally prepared form
4. Either 2 or 3 above
2. OPNAV 5100/14
If one of your people has a circulatory disease, you should not allow that person to operate which of the following types of tools?
1. Power driven tools
2. Woodworking tools
3. Vibrating tools
4. Hand tools
Vibrating tools
What OPNAV instruction requires
supervisors to ensure that their
personnel are aware of safety
precautions, the work site is safe,
and personnel are outfitted with
protective clothing?
1. 3120.3A
2. 5100.19B
3. 5100.23B
4. 5100.12A
Which of the following types of
equipment should be used as a
source of breathing air ONLY in
emergency situations?
1. Mark V gas mask
2. Supplied-air respirator
3. Oxygen breathing apparatus
4. Self-contained breathing
What respirator cartridge color
should be used when working around
organic vapors?
1. Black
2. Green
3. Brown
4. Yellow
What color cartridge protects
against radioactive materials?
1. Orange
2. Green
3. Purple
4. Red
When placed in a survival
situation, what publication(s)
give(s) the senior person the
authority to be in charge?
1. Code of Conuct
2. Navy Regulations
3. Both 1 and 2 above
4. Secret ballot voting
Code of Conduct and Navt Regs