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promotional mix
comm tools: ad, personal selling, sales promo, public relations, direct marketing.

use to: inform, persuade, remind them later
integrated marketing communications
concept of designing marketing comm programs that coordinate all promotional activities
process o fconveying a message to others. requires: source, message, channel, receiver, and the processes of encoding and decoding
company/person who has info to convey
info sent by a source
channel of comm
how message is conveyed
read, hear, or see message
having the sender transform an idea into a set of symbols
having the receiver take a set of symbols, the message, and transform them back to an idea; use own fram of reference
field of experience
similar understanding and knowledge they apply to the message
feedback loop
response (impact the message had on receiver's knowledge, attitudes, or behaviors) and feedback (sender's interpretation of the response and indicates whether the message was decoded and understood as intended)
ensures that messages are decoded properly
extraneous factors taht can work against effective comm by distorting a message or the feedback received
mass selling
advertising, sales promo, and public relations
customized interaction
personal selling
any paid form of nonpersonal comm about an org, g/s or idea by and identified sponsor
$$, nonpersonal, can reach large #s of people
personal selling
2way flow of comm btwn a buyer and seller, designed to influence a purchase decision
most expensive
public relations
seeks to influence the feelings, opinions, or beliefs held by customrs, prospectives, stock holders, suppliers, employees, and other publics
nonpersonal, indirectly paid presentation of an org, g/s
índirectly paid
lack of control
rarely main component of a campaign
sales promotion
ST inducement of value offered to around interest in buying a g/s; used in conjunction w/advertising or personal selling, and are offered to intermediaries and consumers
ST nature often stimulates sales, but can't be sole basis as gains are temporary
direct marketing
direct comm w/consumers to gen a response in the form of an order, a request for fuerther info, or a visit to a retail outlet
can be customized
but most req comprehensive and up to date database about target market; privacy issues
push strategy
direct promo mix to channel member to gain their coop in ordering and stocking the product
personal selling and sales promo
pull strategy
direct promo mix at consumers to encourage them to ask the retailer for a product
hierarchy of effects
seq of stages a buyer goes through from intial awareness to action: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, adoption
%tage of sales budgeting
allocated to promotion as % of past/anticipated sales, in terms of $ or units sold
sales causes promotion
competitive parity budgeting
matching competitor's absolute level of spending or the proportion per pt of mkt share
could be very diff objectives
all you can afford budgeting
money allocated after all other budget items are covered; fiscally conservative
objective and task budgeting
det promo objectives, outline tasks to accomplish them, and det promo cost of performing these tasks; integrates all methods
direct orders
result of offers that contain all of the info necessary for a prospective buyer to make a decision ot purchase and complete the transaction
lead generation
result of an offer designed to gen interest in a product or service and a request for add info
traffic generation
outcome of an offer designed to motivate pple to visit a business