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Motown Studios
originally 2 neighborhood homes, house band was the funk brothers, drawn from the detroit jazz scene, "quality control meetings", started by Barry Gordy
Barry Gordy
Creator of Motown, started with $800 and turned into multi million dollar company, most successful black businessman, believed song should have a story or hook, recognized talent, and wrote songs
Holland Dozier Holland
songwriting duo for motown,
Cholly Atkins
choreographer for motown, worked with the Temptations, Four tops, miracles, etc
Smokey Robinson
songwriter and singer who was discovered by Barry Gordy
Barret Strong
Sang "Money" which was first hit for Motown records written by Barry Gordy

covered by the beatles
Miracles with Smokey Robinson
all young people orginally called Smokey Robinson and the Matadors, first hit was "shop around" (first million seller), also wrote "you really got a hold on me", "OO baby baby", and "I second that Emotion"
The Marvalettes
another high school group wrote "Please Mr. Postman"

joined talent show and Motown representative saw them
The Contours
"Do you love me" was their biggest motown hit. written by Barry Gordy and originally for the Temptations. Lead Singer was Billy Gordon
Stevie Wonder
"fingertips" was his first hit at age 13. "For once in my life" on ed sullivan. also wrote "uptight"
Four Tops
Levi Stubbs was the lead singer, songwriting by Holland Dozier Holland, hit with "I can help myself"
Marvin Gaye
one of the greatest crossover acts from R&B to pop. church background father was a clergyman. "stubborn kind of fellow" written by Norman Whitefield background singers were the Vandellas.
"Heard it through the grapevine"