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What's the difference between lymphoma and leukemia?
lymphoma = lymph node origin (Hodgkin's vs. Non-hodgkins)

leukemia = bone marrow origin (AML/CML/ALL/CLL)
What is the difference between chronic and acute leukemias?
acute vs. chronic is a histological diagnosis based on the presence or absence of blast (immature cells).

acute = immature = more aggressive course
What is the most common leukemia?
CLL (15,000 cases annually)
What are the clinical signs of leukemia?
Acute leukemias tend to have symptoms (as listed below), but chronic leukemias tend to be asymptomatic

* Constitutional symptoms: fever, malaise, dyspnea
* Bleeding: usually related to thrombocytopenia
* Infection: can be as dramatic as overwhelming sepsis
* Bone pain: from the expanding leukemic cell mass within the marrow
* Neurologic symptoms: ranging from headache to seizures and cranial nerve palsies and caused by leukemic cell infiltration of the meninges
What's the difference between myeloid and lymphoid?
the cell line:

myeloid = PMNs, monocytes and macrophages, eosinophils, basophils, mast cells. Erythrocytes and platelets/megakaryocytes.

Lymphoid = B/T cells, NK cells