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Organisms that live in the bottom of the ocean must be able to withstand high ___; they are known as ___.
Hydrostatic pressure, piezophiles
Plants use sunlight to convert ___ and ___ into carbohydrates.
carbon dioxide, water
Organisms that undergo photosynthesis are known as ___; they obtain their carbon source from ___.
photoautotrophs, carbon dioxide
Hot vent producers are ___; they derive their energy from ___.
chemoautotrophs, hydrogen sulfide
Methane that is released from the seabed forms the cource of ___ for the Archaebacteria in the ___.
energy, cold seep
Water is a stable ___ molecule, making it an exellent ____.
polar, ionizing agent
Most biological molecules can be dissolved in ___, which provides an excellent medium for chemical reactions to occur.
Martian suface shows geologial features of ancient rivers, ___, and ___that have gone dry.
lakes, oceans
Mars Twin Rover Expedition has discovered Martian rocks with ___ layers that can only be formed in the presence of ___.
sedimentary, water
Europa is one of the four moons of ___ discovered by ___ in 1610.
Jupiter, Galileo
Signs of microorganisms were revealed in a sub-glacial lake, known as ___ int the ___.
Lake Vostok, Antarctica
the Milky Way Galaxy was formed ____ billion years ago and has ____ billion stars.
13.6, 200
The Universe was born ___ billion yrs ago and organized in to ___ billion galaxies which form clusters and superclusters.
13.7, 10
The satellite known as ____ was launched in 2001 to survey the cosmic ____ background radiation.
W-MAP, microwave
The universe expanded a trillion fold in a process known as ____ before forming teh stable ____ atoms.
inflation, hydrogen
Stars are composed mostly of ____, and they obtain their energy to glow by the fusion of ____ atoms to form helium.
hydrogen, hydrogen
Our sun is composed of ___% of hydrogen and ___% helium.
70, 30
Nuclear fusion of astar stops when it accumulates too much ____. It dies by initiating a ___ explosion.
iron, super nova
All the elements found in the _____ are formed in the ____.
Periodic Table, stars
The endangered species status of the red wolf was once doubtful, b/c it was not considered as a species; intstead it was thought to be a hybrid b/t the ____ and the ____.
grey wolves, coyotes
The common biological definition proposed by Ernst Mayr states: Groups of actually or potentially ____ natural populations which are ____ isolated from other such groups.
interbreeding, reproductively
The ____ definition was used by Linnaeus in his classification system that is based of the concept of ____ of species.
Typological species, fixative
The four species definitions used in biological classification are ____, ____, ____, and ____.
typological, morphological, ecological, biological.
5 challenges in defining species:
1. Modes of reproduction
2. Phenotypic variations
3. Different types of organisms
4. Ecological niches
5. Fossils of extinct organisms
2 most important considerations of the pluralistic species definition are to achieve ____ and ____.
cohesion, parsimony
The 3 mechanisms of speciation are: ____ speciation, ____ speciation and ____ speciation.
Allopatric, sympatric, parapatric
Speciation is a multi-step process that takes place over many generations. The first step of mutation is when 2 populations become ____ isolated from eachother. This prevents interbreeding and blocks ____.
geographically, gene flow
New traits occur through mutation; these traits will assume by the population through ____ and ____.
natural selection, genetic drift
There are only two species of orangutans in the world, they live in the tropical rain forest of ____ and ____.
Sumatra, Borneo
The frequent type of speciation is known as ____ speciation, which is caused by ____, leading to the interruption of ____.
Allopatric, geographical isolation, gene flow