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where does blood safety begin?
-with the donor giving an accurate and complete history
what measures are taken by blood collection agencies to ensure donated blood is safe/clean?
-volunteer blood donors
-donor screening against the donor deferral registry
-donor health history
-testing the donated unit
-lookback and transfusion related infections investigation
what is the donor deferral registry?
-records containing the names and IDs of deferred donors
-access restricted only to those who need to know
what is the general rule about how much blood someone can donate compared to their weight?
what types of activities warrant 12 month deferral from blood donation?
-getting a tattoo from an unlicensed facility
-mucous membrane exposure to blood
-nosterile instrument penetrating the skin
-blood transfusion
what is the current risk of getting HIV from a unit of donated blood?
-1 in every 2 million units
what is lookback testing?
-if a donor has a positive test for HIV or an STD today we should go back and test their previous donations
what are universal precautions?
-infection control guidelines designed to protect workers from exposure to disease s spread by blood and certain body fluids
-always assume that the patient has a blood borne infection