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Describe a lymphocyte under a microscope.
there are two types: small are T cells and B cells and large are plasma cells; stained with Wright's stain, dark purple nucleus and pale blue cytoplasm
RBCs are formed in the _______ .
red bone marrow
Describe a non-granular WBC.
one large round nucleus and a smooth cytoplasm
What are the female values for a hematocrit?
37-47% with the average being 42%
Describe a granular WBC.
a lobed nucleus and granular cytoplasm
Neutrophils are also called __________ and ________.
Segs and Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes (PMNL)
Describe a basophil under a microscope.
basic stain, purple lobed nucleus, pale clue cytoplasm, large, bright blue dots on the surface.
Describe an eosinophil under a microscope.
Acid stain, purple lobed nucleus, pale blue cytoplasm, large bright red dots on the surface
How many RBCs are in males ?
5-6 x 10^6 RBC/mm
What is hematology?
the study of the cellular and protein components of blood
Describe a neutrophil under a microscope
Neutral stain with Wright's stain, purple lobed nucleus, pale blue-purple cytoplasm, light granulation
What makes up plasma ?
90% water, 6-8% proteins (gamma globulins, alpha and beta proteins for body stability), and the rest is primarily glucose and electrolytes
What is a "Shift to the Left" in relation to a neutrophil ?
an increase in the percentage of neutrophils which indicates an early infection
The lifespan of a RBC is ____ .
4 months
Will RBC values be higher or lower in higher elevations ?
They will be HIGHER
What percentage of a WBC consists of eosinophils ?
2-5% with an average of 3%
What are three types of blood cells ?
Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, Thrombocytes
What are three types of Granular WBCs ?
Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils
What is the function of an eosinophil ?
detoxifies allergin and fights parasitic infections
What is the function of a neutrophil ?
phagocytosis - "pac-man"
When would you see in increase in eosinophils in a WBC ?
in response to allergies and parasitic infections
A WBC total count averages ____ .
What does whole blood consist of ?
about 45%cells, 55% plasma
Neutrophils number ________ of WBC
65-75% with an average of 65%
What are 2 types of Non-granular WBCs ?
Lymphocytes and Monocytes
What is the condition called when there are increased numbers or size of RBCs
How many RBCs are in females ?
4-5x10^6 RBC/mm
What is the function of a basophil?
to secrete histamine and heparin which are vasodialators that cause allergic reactions
What is serum ?
serum is a pale straw-colored liquid and is plasma with the clotting factors removed
WBCs are formed in the _________ .
red bone marrow
What is the condition called when there is a reduced number or size of RBCs ?
Desribe a Hematocrit.
a packed cell volume (PCV) indicating the % of RBC
What are the male values for a hematocrit?
40-54% with the average being 47%
What is a neutrophil called when it is present in connective tissue?
Basophils decrease or increase when a person is exposed to heavy metals ?
What percentage of a WBC consists of basophils ?
What is the function of a monocyte ?
phagocytosis - "pac-man"
Describe a platelet.
small purple "trash" fragments of a large megakaryocyte. They function in blood clotting; there are about 200,000-300,000/mm^3
What percentage of a WBC consists of monocytes ?
3-8% with an average of 6%
Describe a monocyte under a microscope.
large horseshoe or "W" or twisted, mottled or vacuolated nucleus with pale clue cytoplasm
What is the function of RBCs ?
to transport O2 and CO2
What WBC produces our antibodies ?
What percentage of a WBC consists of lymphocytes ?
20-25% with an average of 20%