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Blood is a complex mixture of?
Cells(red and White)chemicals and fluid
What are the functions of blood?
Transportation throughout the whole body and maintaining homeostasis
Blood includes what three types of cells?
Red, white, platelets
A blood hematocrit is usually -----%cells and ____% plasma
45 55
RBC is the same as?
Red blood cells contain?
Red blood cells discard what during development and so they can not reproduce or produce proteins?
What is the red blood count for males and females?
4.6-6.2mm3 for male and 4.5-5.4mm3 for women
In the embryo and fetus the red blood cell production occurs in the what?
yolk sac, liver and spleen
After birth the red blood cell procuction occurs where?
in the red bone marrow
with age the red blood cells become increasingly fragile and damaged by passing through the what?
Where are damaged red blood cells phagocytized?
The liver and the spleen
WBC are = to what?
What are the three granular white blood cells
neutrophils eosinophils basophils
What are the two agranular white blood cells
monocytes and lymphocytes
What is the basic function of the white blood cells?
immunity response and prevents disease
Normally a cubic millimeter of blood contains how many white blood cells?
5000mm3 to 10000mm3
Plasma is mostly what?
water but contains a variety of substances
What is the function of plasma
transports nutrients and gases and regulates the fluid balance, electrolites, homeostatis
What are the two most important gases?
oxygen and carbon dioxide
The clumping of red blood cells following transfusion is called?
The clumping is due to the interation of proteins on the surfaces of red blood cells called
What is an antibody
a special protein in blood plasma and it can react wiht antigens
certain proteins carried in the plasma are?
what is an antigen?
a special protein found on the surface of a red blood cell
Type A blood has what type of antigen and antibodies?
Antigen A and antiB
Type Bhas
b antigen and anti a
Type ab has
ab antigens and no antibodies
type o has
o antigens and both anti a and b
What are white blood cells formed from?
what are the largest blood cells?
by what process do leukocytes squeeze through the blood vessle wall?
What wbc destroy damaged rbc
macrophages and lymphocytes
Which wbc is most numerous?
neutrophils and lymphocytes
pulmonary valve is the same as what?
pulmonary semilunar valve
Which blood vessles can act as a reservoir for blood?
A differential count is what?
a list of the percentages of the different types of wbcx
Where does the myocardium get its blood?
coronary arteries that come off from the aortic valve
What produces platelets?
megakarcyocytes are found where?
red bone marrow
The most numerous white blood cells are
The white blood cell that forms antibodies necessary for immunity to specific diseases is the
The white cell that would increase in certain parasitic infections and allergic reactions is
The most mobile and phagocytic white cells are
neutrophils and monocytes
a blood clot forming adnormally in a blood vessel is?