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The plasmodium species causes what?
What is the vector and what is the reservoir?
vector- female anopheles mosquito, reservoir - man
if you are immunized for a malarial sporozite are you immmune to a merozoites?
no- you are only immune to the antigens from which you were vacinated, each stage in the life cycle has it's own antigens, the best vaccine would have anitgens form all stages of the plasmodium life cycle
if you had to choose one stage, which would be the best stage to vaccinate against
sporozite because that is most likely the stage that will be injected from the mosquito
What two types of Malaria form Hypnozoites?
P. Vivax and P. ovale
What is the most fatal form of Malaria and most likely to form malarial resistance
F is for fatal.. m. Falciparum, a
Plasmodium are highly visualized by what stain?
giemsa stain
Which form of the lifecycle is in the salivary glands and penetrates into the hepatocytes?
What do you call a RBC or hepatocyte that has been invaded by a sporozoite>
What do you call a Trophozoit that has thousands of membrane bound plasmodium nuclei in it?
What do you call the cells that lyse out of the scizont?
a merozoite?
What is the stage of the plasmodium life cycle that is inside the mosquito midgut and sexually produces a ookinete?
Anopheline stage
why does trypanosoma brucei rhodsiense come in waves?
each wave is due to a nuew antigenic baiant of surface glycoprotein that evades the host- decline is immune response
African trypanosomiasis is transmitted by what and has what symptoms
sleeping sickness- transmitted by tsetse fly and because of CNS invasion- results in lethargy, anorexia and mental disturbances
Trypanasoma cruzi is passed by what means?
Reduviid- kissing bug carries this disease and passes it when it poops on you while it's feeding on you
Chagas Disease is mostly seen in what type of cell?
MACROPHAGES, also parasatizes in cardiac muscle cells, fibroblasts, epithelial cells, endothelial cells, fibroblasts.
What is different about American and African typanosomiasis?
American Trypanosomiasis doesn't go through the same antigenic switching