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what is the incubation period of mono?
30-50 days
Why is this disease not likely to have "epidemic" qualities?
1) low level of infectivity
2) high incidence of a symptomatic childhood infection, leaving the victim resistant
3) lower prevelence in lower socioeconomic levels due to infection of infants and small children during adolesence when subclinical disease is common
What are some relavent traits about the gamma herpes virus?
two stains of EBV-1, 2
naked or enveloped?
genome linear or circular?
capsid icosahedral or helix?
genome linear but it can circularize
what is the space between the envelpe and the capsid called?
what is the herpes virus sensitive to?
acid solvents, detergents and drying
What types of cells are susceptible to the Epstein-Barr Virus?
oropharyngeal epithelial cells, B-lymphocytes, T lymphocytes, and monocytes
what kind of receptors does it use?
MHC class II molecules
What type of receptors does it attach to?
attatches to the type 2 complement receptor, crs on suscdptible cells