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Military academy for senior officers similar to war colleges
prussian general staff
staff created to support troops on the line
headed the prussian general staff during the wars of german unification
served as chancellor of prussia during the wars of cerman unification
breech loading Prussian rifle,
french version to the needlegun
alsace lorraine
german acquired french territory in the treaty of frankfurt, created permanent rift between french and germans
wilhelm I
King of Prussia
naval advancement, oil powered ship replaces steam/sail ships, could thow projectiles over 20 miles, less smoke trail
other technology in the Eunropean war, leading to WWI
Radio, smokeless powder, mahine gun, bolt action rifle, recoil absorbing gun carriages, subs, aircraft, industrialization.
why did military leaders in europe lack imagination at this time?
such a long period of peace preceeded the war, the european generals had little experience and did not see the implications of new technology in the war
zulu war
In africa, reveals problems british have fighting unconventional forces
Boer war
mainly farmers, diamonds in the transvaal, apartheid
Russo-japanese war
knd of fighting over manchuria