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War of spanish succession
Also known as Queen Anne's war 1702-1703
Spanish tercio
organized units, inspired pride and competition, use musketeers, no pikemen.
Tidewater wars
1st major victory for the militia, encourage colonists to keep a militia
King William's war
1st of the French and Indian wars
King George's War
Also known as the war of Austrian Succession
Seven years war.French and Indian war
first started in the colonies, Treaty of Paris 1763
Colonists impression of British Regulars?
Negative, scum of the earth, did not want to become like them so made a militia instead
battles of lexington and concorde
april 9 1775 British sent by governer general Gage to destroy the English powder. English alerted by Paul Revere, anonymous shots begin the American Revolution.
Battle of Bunker HIll
17 June 1775 led by washington, overthrown by british but gave colonists confidence that they can stand up to British regulars.
Monmouth Courthouse
ended serious fighting in the North
Battle of Saratoga
Gates v Burgoyne, 1st major victory of American War, Gates wins, Burgoyne moved too slow.
Nathanael Green
Collected and scrounged for food for washington's troops, wash wanted to put him in charge of southern leadership but Gates got it instead
Battle of Cowpens
Morgan V Tarleton
Why did British shift focus to the South?
hoped there were more loyalists down there, and that they would have more success
Pierre Bourcet
Believed that the French Army should be divided into divisions. no giant leap fromk divisions to commander of whole army, much more flexibility
Jaques Guibert
divisions should be divided into and ordre mixte, both wide and narrow formations, trusted the soldiers, skirmishers out in front
Gribeauval system-
more efficient accurate cannons, superior artillery going into the French Revolution
Causes of the French Revolution
-high taxes- high country debt due to war- Began with storming of the bastille
committee of public safety
Lazare Carnot
master of Logistics in the French revolution
Charles dumouriez won here by letting every division be independently commanded and flexible
Battle of Valmy
Why did the colonists want to stick to a militia
Didn't like their impressions of the British army, idea of the citizen soldier,
Battle of the Nile
British fleet commanded by horation Nelson destroyed French Fleet. Napoleon stranded, coul dnot leave or get supplie, Napoleon sneaks out leaving army behind
Battle of Austerlitz
Napoleon envelops Russian and Austrian troops, his greatest Battle, Turns attention to N. Prussia
Continental System
any ships outside, or that make it past the British blockade were confiscated by Napoleon, **economic war*
Gustavus adolphus
square to linear formations, volley fire linear formation, economy of scale
Fortifications expert
French Fort vs. colonists, win port into Canada, Colonists win but England gave it back in the treaty
Napoleon's introduction of the _______ allowed for semi-independent armies to operate separately but be prepared to cooerate on chort notice
Corps system
Spanish ulcer
When Napoleon named his brother king of Spain, because he trusted him more, spanish dont like this foreigner, Napoleon forced to send troops and supplies to control the upising
After the battle of __________Napoleon offered to abdicat
Battle of Trafalgar
Important Naval battle of napoleonic wars, French and spanish fleet tring to get through strait of Gibralter, stopped by Horation Nelson, British strenght, break up line, ship to ship combat