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What are the 4 main functions of the vertebral column?
1. Enclose & protect spinal cord.

2. Support the trunk.

3. Support the skull.

4. Attachment point for the ribs.
The spine Consist of ____ irregular bones, & is divided into what 5 groups?

1. Cervical
2. Thoracic
3. Lumbar
4. Sacrum
5. Coccyx
What are the 4 curves of the spine?
1. Cervical
2. Thoracic
3. Lumbar
4. Pelvic
____ & ____ curves are convex anteriorly & are lordotic curves.
Lumbar & Cervical
____ & ____ curves are concave anteriorly & are kyphotic curves.
Thoracic & Pelvic
____ & ____ are primary curves.
Thoracic & Pelvic
____ or secondary curves develop after birth.
____ & ____ are secondary or compensatory curves.
Cervical & Lumbar
The lumbar developes between ____ & ____ months, child begins to walk.
12-18 months
Cervical Development,

____ to ____ months, child holds up head.

____ to ____ months, Child sits unassisted.
3-4 months,holds up head

8-9 months, sits unassisted
What type of joints are vertebral bodies?
Cartilaginous, Symphysis
Define Kyphosis (____ ____):
(Hunch Back)

Increase in anterior concavity
Define Scoliosis:
Abnormal lateral curvature
Define Lordosis (____ ____):
(Sway Back)

Increase in anterior concavity
Cartilaginous are slightly moveable, & are ____ type joints.
Synovial joints are ____ moveable.
What type of joints are sacroiliac (SI) joints?
Irregular Gliding

What are the 4 synovial (freely moveable) joints associated with the spine?
1- Atlanto-Occipital
2- Costovertebral
3- Costotransverse
4- Zygapophyseal
Define costovertebral:
Where the head of the ribs articulate with the vertebral bodies at the facets and demifacets of the thoracic spine.
Define Zygapophyseal:
Located between the articulating processes of the vertebral arches.
Define costotransverse:
Where the tubercles of the ribs articulate with the transverse processes of the thoracic vertebrae.
What are the 4 A-Typical vertebra?
1. C1 Atlas
2. C2 Axis
3. Sacrum
4. Coccyx
the ___ portion of the vertebra is composed of cancellous tissue covered by a layer of compact tissue.
What are the 12 main parts to typical vertebra?
one body
two pedicles
two lamina
four articulating process
two transverse process
one spinous process
The ____ & ____ enclose the vertebral foramina.
Body & Vertebral Arch
Describe C1 Atlas:

Ring like structure, no body

Very short spinous process

Anterior & posterior arch, 2 transverse process which are longer than the rest of the C-spine & 2 lateral masses which receive condyles of the occipital bone.