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What is the function of the respiratory system?
Supplies oxygen & eliminates carbon dioxide
What 5 structures does the respiratory tract include?
1 - Pharynx
2 - Larynx
3 - Trachea
4 - Bronchi
5 - Chest
What is the purpose of the pharynx?
provides a passageway for food & air; is part of the respiratory & digestive systems
The pharynx is a musclomembranous tubular structure located behind what 3 structures?
1 - Nose
2 - Mouth
3 - Larynx
How long is the pharynx?
13 cm (or) 5" in lenght
The pharynx extends between what structures?
- Starts at the body of the sphenoid/base portion of occipital bone

- Ends approximately C6 - C7
What are the 3 divisions of the pharynx?
1 - Nasalpharynx
2 - Oropharynx
3 - Laryngeal Pharynx
Where does the Uvula extend from?
Posteriorly off the soft palate in the Nasopharynx of Pharynx
What is the function of the Uvula?
Closes off the nasopharynx when swallowing to prevent liquids & foods from entering nasal cavity