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What is the definition of critical thinking
The ability to logically assess the quality of one's thinking and the thinking of others to consistently arrive at greater understanding and achieve wise judgements.
What are the characteristics of a good critial thinker?
Continually monitor thought patterns, Appreciation of contradictory information, Natural ability working with a variety of ideas, Drive to ask questions, Inquisitive attitude, Desire to hold thinking to a high std of objectivity.
Match the terms with their definition:
A. Reason
B. Logic
C. Critical Thinking
D. Creative Thinking
A. Draw upon known facts and principles to produce conculsions
B. Produces multiple hypothesis, follows no hard set rules, is NOT a disipline and can't be analyzed.
C. Form a new statement on the basis of statements already known
D.Thought process which follows certain rules, it is a disipline and can be analyzed
What are the (3) steps in the creative thinking process?
Accumulation, Incubation, Illumination
How long does the Incubation stage last?
No set period
Which stage in Creative Thinking does critical think take center stage?
Which stage in Creative Thinking is a mental exercise of gathering and organizing?
Which Stage in Creative Thinking does the analyst begin to formulate possible hypothesis?
What is the purpose of verification in the Creative Thinking process?
Ensure available evidence supports the solution. (Reasoning used)
What do we call the pattern or model which guides our actions and judgements?
What are the pro's and con's of a paradigm?
Pro - Establish boundaries and allow one to solve problems.

Con - Hamper one by limiting responses and restrictive perceptions.
(T/F) The ability to perform a paradigm shift is the MOST desirable ability for analyst when dealing with paradigms.
What do we call situations where an analyst is so enamored with their standard paradigm they are not only unwilling but unable to adapt to new paradigms?
Paradigm paralysis
What do we call selective viewing of the world and events to only accept or see evidence which fits an established paradigm?
Paradigm effect
What are the (8) elements of reasoning?
The PURPOSE of reasoning is to QUESTION the INFORMATION and CONCEPTS to make INFERENCES and ASSUMPTIONS about multiple POINTS of VIEW while considering the IMPLICATIONS
What are the (3) realms of critical questioning?
1. Need to continually use critical questions.
2. Interrelationship of critical questions.
3. Need to ask and answer critical questions at the right time.
What is the heart of soul of critical thinking?
What is the backbone on critical thinking?
_______ is the hallmark of strategic thinking.
Which element of reasoning is defined as the act of drawing a conclusion based upon ther interpretation of assumption?
What are the (9) Intellectual standards of Critical Thinking?
Accuracy, Breadth and depth, Clarity, Logic, Precision, Relevance, Significance, Fairness
Why must we apply the (9) Intellectual standards of Critical Thinking?
Ensure Quality of thoughts