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Four Types of Repairs
1. In-crater
2. Bypass
3. Valve pit
4. Pipe end cap
RURK stands for
Rapid Utility Repair Kit
What is the target repair time for an in-crater repair?
45 minutes
What does POL stand for?
Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant
POL RURK#1 used for
Fast, temporary repairs to restore the flow of jet fuel.
What is the target repair time for an expedient bypass repair?
1 hour 45 minutes
What is a CFRS?
RURK#2 Contingency Fuel Recovery System
What the FSU?
Not Florida State University -its Fuel Scavenging Unit
Most expedient method of removing rainwater
Digging open ditches
The simple rule of thumb to use when sizing expedient drainage ditch?
The bigger the ditch the more water it can remove
What is used for expedient repair of Heating Lines for peaks and small leaks?
Repair clamps, compression couplings, and hoses with hose clamps
What is used for expedient repair of Heating Lines for large punctures, holes, and breaks?
1. Compression couplings- new piping

2. Full circle clamps - longitudinal cracks or full breaks
Latrine - 1ft wide, 2 1/2 ft deep can accommodate 2 people

16ft for 100 people
drainage ditch must be dug prevent flooding
Straddle Trench Latrine
Deep Pit Latrine
-50 individuals
-Pit 2 ft wide x 1 1/2 ft long
(6 ft deep)
-Must be surrounded by a ditch to prevent flooding
-Sprayed twice a week to control flies
Best method for removal of human waste in the absence of a collection
VIP (Ventilated Improved Pit)