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What is the concept of the hermeneutic round?
The idea that interpretations beget further interpretations
Description of how demoralized pts. present
(Present feeling...)
Present feeling they've failed to fulfill their own or others' expectations
(helplessness, hopelessness, confusion, SUBJECTIVE incompetence)
All attitudes involve what three components?
4 Shared features of psychotherpies
Emotionally charged, confiding relationship
Healing setting
Plausbile explanation of pts. symptoms, w/ a proc. for resolving them
Ritual/procedure that requires both pt. and therapist
(believed in by both)
What is the efficacy of psychotherapy
Successful in about 70-80% of cases
(curve shows final response rate of 85%)
Breakdown of % of people who respond, and in how long, to psychotherapy
50% show improvement in first 2 months
Additional 25% show improvement over next 4 months
(Curve rises very slowly from 6 months - 2 years)
(Final response rate reaches about 85%)
What does expressive therapy emphasize?
"Insight" and resolving conflicts

NOTE: this therapy may be too much for some patients
(i.e. psychotic illness, brain injury, severe personality disorders)
What does supportive therapy emphasize?
Support and bolstering of defenses