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How do you treat D-amphetamine OD (3)?
Nirtoprusside, alpha-blocker, sedative
What two main uses are there for Modafinil?
Cocaine dependence
What is methylphenidate preffered for?
What is the main use of Sibutramine?

What neurotransmitter effects does it have?
Obesity treatment

Enhances satiety and thermogenesis

Inhibits 5-HT and NE uptake
Little effect on DA (so not same "high")
What does Orlistat do?
Inhibits dietary absorption of fat by up to 30%
Where does orlistat act? What does it do?
NOT a CNS drug

Acts in GI tract to inhibit pancreatic lipase
What can be used to stop cocaine-induced convulsions?
I.V. Diazepam
In treating narcolepsy, if cataplexy is also present, what drugs can be used (2)?
What is the mechanism of methylxanthines @ low doses?
Competitive inhibition of adenosine A1 and A2 receptors
What is the mechanism of methylxanthines @ high doses?
Inhibit PDE --> Increased cAMP
What are the two main uses of methylxanthines?
Treating primary apnea of prematurity
What is different about how premature babies respond to hypoxia?
They REDUCE respiration

Methylxanthines are used to try induce respiration to normal
Which nicotinic receptors only respond @ high doses?
Those @ neuromuscular junctions
Which nicotinic receptors respond @ low doses?
Those in ganglia, lungs, airway and the CNS
In the brain, what does nicotinic activation of pre-synaptic receptors induce?
Release of glutamate
What does activation of nicotinic receptors on CELL BODIES induce?
Increase in discharge rate of sympathetic neurons
What does activation of nicotinic receptors on nerve endings promote?
Increased Calcium entry
Increased NE release per AP
What is a risk @ high doses of nicotine?
Depolarizing blockade and desensitization

Can cause CV collapse and muscle failure
How can toxic high doses of nicotine be treated?
Gastric lavage w/ activated charcoal

(alkaline solutions enhance nicotine absorption)
What is the main therapy for nicotine addiction?

What drugs may help?
Replacement therapy

Buproprion (Wellbutrin)