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Head of femur articulates with
Blood supply to head of femur
Arter of round ligament (branch of obturator) & branches of lateral and medial circumflex femoral
Importance of artery of round ligament
Important in childhood, not so much in adult
Primary blood supply to femoral head in adults
Medial circumflex a.
Common femoral fracture location
Which trochanter points medially
Muscle attachments to lesser trochanter
Muscle attachments to greater trochanter
Gluteal, piriformis, obturator internus
-Attachment to interotrochanteric line
-Location of interotrochanteric line
-Iliofemoral ligament
Intertrochanteric crest
-Quadratus femoris
Intercondylar notch allows for passage of ______
--narrow notch correlated with
-Anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments
-Higher incidence of anterior cruciate ligament injury
Biggest sesamoid bone in the body
Sesamoid means
totally surrounded by tendon
Condyles on femur are for:
Articulation with tibia (no articulation with fibia)
Trabecular bone function
Transmit weight
Cutaneous innervation is all branches of ________, except ______
Lumbosacral plexus, lateral brach of subcostal
Fascia lata changes name to _____ after knee
Crural fascia
Anterior compartment
-Generalized function
-Blood supply
-Femoral (except pectineus)
-Flex hip, extend knee
-Directly off femoral & deep femoral
Femoral triangle boundaries (SIA)
1. Sartorius
2. Inguinal ligament
3. Adductor longus
Floor of femoral triangle (PIA)
1. Pectineus
2. Iliopsas
3. Adductor longus
Contents of femoral triangle (Lateral to medial: NAVL)
Femoral sheath contents
-Lateral compartment
*Nerve location
-Femoral a.
-Femoral v.
-Lymphatic nodes
*nerve lies most lateral, outside of femoral sheath
Cribriform fascia named for
Wholes made by lymph nodes
Tendons at the Pes Ancerinus
[Beauty Queen - Sash, Graceful, Tall]
1. Sartorius
2. Gracilis
3. Semitendonosis
Only things passing through adductor hiatus
Femoral vessels
Structures passing through adductor canal
1. Saphenous n.
2. Femoral vessels
3. Descending genicular a.
4. Nerve to vastus medialis
Adductor canal extends from____, ends at _____
Apex of femoral triangle; adductor hiatus
To find femoral pulse, feel:
1/2 way between pubic tubercle and anterior superior iliac spine