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ST segment depression or symmetrically inverted T-waves indicate
Ischemia is indicated by what?
ST segment elevation (fireman's hat) can indicate
Cardiac INJURY can be indicated by what?
Mobitz II
Dropped QRS.
Inherently unstable.
Mobitz I
Prolonged PR interval until it is dropped.
3rd Degree or Tertiary Block
Atrial impulses do not stimulate AV node.
Uses ectopic pacemaker.
Steps to reading an EKG
Assess info
Check rhythm, rate, axis.
Count PR and QRS.
Any Blocks?
Any Pathology?
Left Anterior Fascicular Block vs. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
II, III, aVr have R' down
What is the condition?

II, III, and aVr have R' up?
What is the condition?
Transmural Infarction
Significant Q waves.
Wide flat P and QRS with peaked T
Prolonged QT
Giant R waves are normal in who?
Athletes can have what kind of R-waves?
Dapsone Overdose may cause
retinal damage may be caused by
Acute Generalized Exanthomus Pustulosis
Ab to B-lactam
NSAIDS can cause
severe cutaneous adverse reaction (SCAR) can be caused by
Herald Patches
Seen with putyriasis rosea, they are a salmon pink raised lesion.
Pityriasis Rubra pilaris has
Islands of sparing between orange plaques are present in
Lichen Planus is associated with what systemic disease?
Hep C is associated with what dermatic condition?
Epidermolysa Bullosa Exquisita
has an Ab to what
Type VII Collagen (7) Ab present in what condition?
Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis includes
Glucocorticoids are a part of the treatment regimine of what condition?
Eccymyosis describes
non-blanching macules of petechia >3mm
Treat psoriasis with
Methotrexate can be used in treatment of