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im havin him explain it rite now
well they work, grantd
Zachhacker57: well, if you take out the fact that she was alone with a person in a traumatic state with a knife, it was absolutely brilliant. it is exactly what a good psychologist would do. first she threw molly off guard, the whole "did that make u feel good?" thing. then she put power in the patients hand. then when molly took NEGATIVE action, yuni twisted her again. all of it was the opposite of what they would expect, brilliant.
it reminds me of ct
she has zip survival instinct
i still want to slap her at the vry least
hell she valued a TOYS life (?) ovr her own
shes pretty much the only link that keeps alotta ppl alive. shes like the fuckin messiah
she swam out into a moody lake durin a thunder storm in jpn
nor do i.......well too late but nemor
hopefully she wont die for our sins
eh ya......bit of a shock eh?
lol shes prolly the reincarnation of mother teresa, saint nicholas and ghandi combind and buddha
brilliant how?
errr explain. i only find it insane, idiotic, and suicidal
he b her fuckin bf! and he says brilliant that she provokd a stab in the heart!