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Lewis Latimer
made carbon phillament lightbulb more efficient

worked for Thomas Edison
Dr. Patricia Bath
development of laser phaco probe to remove cataracts

first women surgeon at UCLA
Condoleeza Rice
secretary of state

went to college at age 15
Aretha Franklin
recorded 1st album at age 14

first women in Hall of Fame (1987)
Ray Charles
put R&B and Gospel together and created a whole new genre

pioneer of soul music
Jesse Jackson
civil rights activist

ran for president twice, first African American to be a great contender

assistant for Martin Luther King Jr.
Garrett Morgan
inventor, made improvements on sewing machines

made traffic light

aka man of action
Benjamin Banneker
created the wooden clock that lasted 40 years

successfully predicted the solar exlipse

in 1791, he surveyed D.C.
Martin Luther King. Jr.
biggest speech is "I Have a Dream"

receieved Nobel Peace prize in 1964

started the Montgomery Bus Boycott
Diana Ross
had two hollywood stars

lead vocalist for the Supremes

had 12 #1 hits
Clarence Thomas
attended yale

appointed to supreme court.

became 106th justice on march 5, 1991
Gwendolyn Brooks
won Pultizier prize (first African American to receive it)

wrote many famous poems
Ernest Green
oldest of little rock 9 (first of 9 students to integrate schools)

first black student to graduate central h/s
Father Divine
moved to an upper-class, all-white neighborhood, and then was arrested for "disturbing the peace" by praying too loudly.

spent 1 year in jail for his "crime"

aka "second messiah"
Sammy Davis Jr.
first African American to be enjoyed by both whites and blacks

married a white women

won Spingarn Medal
Georgle Washington Carver
made many inventions out of peanut butter like an axle, instant coffee, nail polish

made over 300 products in 2 years
Ella Fitzgerald
great at improv.

had an impressive 3-octave voice

won 13 grammy awards

won US national medal of arts in 1990
Jackie Robinson
joined Brooklyn Dodgers

won "Rookie of the Year"

won MVP

won 6 division games

won World Series vs. Yankees

inducted into Hall of Fame

broke racial barrier (played more than 60 yrs.)
Oprah Winfrey
-first black women to become a billionaire

won supp. actor for Oscars

owned and produced (first African American) her own company (Harpo)

named by Time magazine one of the most influencial women
Kareem Abdul Jabar
boycotted the Olympics in 1968

inducted in Hall of Fame in 1995

won 5 championships
Phillip Emeagwali
voted scientist of the year

won Gordon Bell Prize for work with super computers in 1989

aka father of the internet
Nat King Cole
made the Christmas Song

had own weekly TV show