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What were the 4 major causes of the stock market crash of 1929?
1. Industrial Problems
2. Overuse of Credit
3. Speculation
4. International Economic
What were conditions of the Great Depression in the 1930s?
1. Run on Banks
2. Unemployment
3. Farm Problems
What does it mean to "buy on the margin"?
To purchase stock by paying part of the price in cash and borrowing the rest from the stock broker, using the stock as collateral.
What is the "Dust Bowl"?
The drought-stricken area of the Plains where many farmers were ruined during the depression years.
What is a dole?
a handout
What was the Reconstruction Finance Corporation?
Hoover's aid program in 1932. It could lend money to businesses to undertake projects that would employ more men.
Who is Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
Democratic president from 1933-1945
What was the "New Deal"?
Roosevelt's attempt to bring the nation relief and recovery.
What was the "Brain Trust"?
Roosevelt's group of advisors
Explain "bank holiday".
Roosevelt closed banks remporarily to stabilize banking.
What was the Agriculture Adjustment Act?
AAA - asked farmers to cut production to raise prices during the New Deal.
What was the National Recovery Administration?
NRA - tried to eliminate "wasteful competition" by regulating businesses during the New Deal.
What was the "Civilian Conservation Corps"?
CCC - Employed young men for public projects during the New Deal.
What is the Tennessee Valley Authority?
TVA - provided for public power projects on the Tennessee River in 7 southeastern states.
What is Social Security?
"old age insurance"
What is a recession?
a slump in business considered less severe than a full depression