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Define Leadership
The art of causing people to do what is required to accomplish a task or mission
How is leadership characterized?
By responsibility and authority
What manual gives a leader authority?
List 3 principles of leadership.
Take responsibility.
Set the example.
Praise in public, correct in private.
The Sailor's Creed is unique to the Navy but what two items apply to all the armed forces of the U.S.?
UCMJ and Code of Conduct
How many articles make up the UCMJ?
True/False The UCMJ is always posted on every ship and shore station?
Which articles of the UCMJ deal with punishment of vaious crimes better known as punitive articles?
Article 77 through 134
Which UCMJ article is called the "general article"?
Article 134
Which article deals with Unauthorized Absence?
Article 86
List 5 punishments the CO can award at captains mast?
Restriction <60 days
Extra duty up to 45 days
RIR (E6 and below)
Correctional custody <30days
Forfeiture of 1/2 pay<2 mos
What is meritorious mast?
Used to present awards or commendations for achievement.
Define Summary Court Martial.
Offense is minor; NJP has been ruled out; One officer serves as judge; jury; prosecution; and defense counsel.
If convicted by SCM, what can be awarded?
Confinement <1 mos(E4 below)
Hard labor-no conf<45dys(")
Restriction <60 dys
2/3 of 1 mos pay
RIR (E5 up down 1 pgrade, E4below can be RIR to E1)
How many people make up a Special Court Martial?
A trained military judge and 3 mbr jury is appointed.
What can be awarded from a Special CM?
Bad conduct discharge
6 mos imprisonment
2/3 pay for 6 mos
RIR to E1
Define a general court martial
This is reserved for more serious charges; rape, murder, robbery, arson
If a militray enlisted elects to be tried by the full court martial, how many court mbrs must be enlisted?
True/False. The death penalty can be awarded at General Court Martial?
True. Also can award Life imprisonment.
How many articles make up the Code of Conduct?
Which article tells a mbr their duty as a POW is to continue resistance by all means posible?
Article III
Who assumes command in a POW situation?
The senior line officer, petty officer, or noncommissioned officer w/i the camp according to rank-service doesn't matter
Which article states that if you are a POW, you are only required to give name, rank, service number, and DOB?
Article V.
List 3 things that are forbidden as a POW
Oral or written confessions
Filling out questionaires
Making broadcasts
Sexual harrassment is really about ? not sex.
Which instruction guidelines sexual harrassment?
Unwanted letters are poems are examples of what type of behavior?
Yellow light
Threats if sexual favors are not provided is what type of behavior?
Red light
Showing concern, polite compliment, is what type of behavior?
Green light
True/False You must let the Navy know in writing that you are a homosexual?