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Bivariate Analysis
Used to test for differences between groups and to check for relationships between the variables
Chi Square
A statistical procedure determines whether the proportion of persons with some charateristic is the same for 1 group as for another.
When is Chi Square used?
When the DV is categorical
and it needs to be analyzed with
a nominal independent variable
If the Chi Square is small...
If the Chi Square is LARGE...
Small = small insignficant, little to no association between variables
LARGE = signficant association between variables
When the Chi Square is used to determine how the proportions of sample compare with the population you are doing a test called...
Goodness of Fit
Goodness of Fit helps researchers to determine what?
To determine whether to Reject or Retain H0 by stating whether the sample is signficantly different
Chi Square can be used with what kind of data?
Nominal and Ordinal
Chi Square can NOT be used with what data?
Interval-level unless categories are created
You would use a p <.01 or p<.001 if...
It was important the results were trustworthy
You could use a p<1.0 if...
The sample is an exploratory study
Other names for a
Chi Square Table...
1) Cross-Tabulation
2) Contingency Table
Contingency Table
2 variables, each having 2 responses
A Chi Square allows for what...
A researcher to have enormous flexibility and
Have no limit on the number of categories
Problems with too many categories...
1) Can be difficult to identify patterns and summarize data
2)Makes Chi Square less accurate
A statistic unaffected by sample size and measures between a nominal or ordinal
Phi can vary from -- to-- and must be a _x_ table.
from 1 to 0 and be a 2x2
Contingency Coefficient
When you are measuring the strength of association in table that is larger than 2x2
Ground rule for Contingency Coefficient.
Can only be used when the number of rows is the same as the number of columns
Cramers V
Used to measure the strength of association with tables larger than 2x2 with different numbers of rows and columns
Cramers V will always equal what?
Will always equal Phi
Cramers V cannot be interpreted as what...
A proportion or perent of variation
Elaboration Model
Looking at data 1 variable at a time.
Introducing an independent variable.
Then examining via a 3rd variable.
Degrees of Freedom
how many cells were involved in the table