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If you had to use one word to define risk, that word would be.
The entire process of estimating return and risk for individual securities is kown as.
Securities Analysis
With STOCK the two basic types of risk are.
Market or Business Risk (systematic risk)

Finacial risk
(Failure of Busines/Bankrupt)
Three BOND risks.
Credit risk (will they Pay?)

Interest/money rate risk

Purchasing power/inflation risk
What is the calculation to find your current yeild?
What you get divided by what you paid.
What is the current yeild of a Bond purchased at 92 and carries an 8% coupon rate.
8.7% you purchased the bond at discount so you are getting a better that 8% return.
A __________ _________ is an investor who invests in issues that make money in good and bad times. Very low risk, public utilities, securities, food companies, etc...
Defensive investor
The method of investing that allows the investor to buy at the lowest average cost.
Dollar cost averaging
When more money is introduced into the economy what accures?
When people hold onto their money and there is less out in the economy we have a.
What Federal organization helps to regulate inflation/Deflation?
Federal Reserve
Typically, government policies suggesting more spending in military or social programs etc... are Inflat/Deflat.
A reduction of taxes would by a typical inflat/deflat policy.