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Bishop Ussher
Added up ages of Bible, dated 4040 to time of adam and eve; doesnt work because genealogy only name highlight, not every generation
Excavated city of Ninevah, inside palace of royal archives of Assyrian king asshur banipal
Asshur Banipal
first known antiques collector, lived couple years after David, collected ancient artifacts and stories for his library - most of out known stories come from his library
George smith
went back to ninevah and found more tablets including tablet 11 (which talked about the flood)
earliest "wuss leader", organized 50 ensis to take on opposing foe (got creamed), put him under the walls of the city and spit on him
Sir Leonard Woolley
Archeologist, excavated southern mesopotamia (Iraq), found city of Ur (abraham), royal burial including layer of gold, human sacrafices, and royal standard of mesopotamia (200 years before abraham)
Sargon of Akkad
Illigitimate child, Similar to Moses (basket), becomes butler, the king who he is serving dies (he did it) known for making Acadian the official language, placed conquored rulers back in place, and rebuilt temples to give people back their gods
sargon's first daughter, first known female author (poems)
tyrant turned hero, searched for eternal life, 2/3 man, 1/3 god
2/3 beast, 1/3 god, created to take out gilgamesh, but they became friends
told gilgamesh about utnapishtim and the flood
pagan Noah; included in epic of gilgamesh
father of utanapishtim, last to live and die before the flood
Lullaby people
short, defeated in battle
italian archeologist discovered city of Ebwa including royal archive with 20,000 tablets; time period overlaps patriarches
ruler that took over Akkadian empire, 70 high quality statues
Ur- nammu
ruler of Ur III, commisioned to build a great ziggurat in Ur as shown on his stele
neo-Sumerian king, had to run 100 miles in a day to return to celebrate at a religious festival
Hittite ruler, conquored babylonians, murdered by rebellion on return trip that lead to end of babylonian empire
Mel Quart
Discovered Hittite sites in turkey
leading hitite scholor in chicago
Henry Rawlingson
copied inscriptions from ledge on latter in order to translate Cuneiform script, 1840, was in the military
Allen Millard
discovered story of Atrahasis (creation and flood) in desk drawer, Enki vs. Enlil
Bob Blackard
Discovered titanic, city around black sea with docks and boats still in docks
Greek Egyptian, first to split dynasties into groups
Flinters petry
found small statue of Khufu/Cheops
head archeologist in Egypt, oversees excavation of pyramids
first known author of laws
considered himself a god, conquored a lot of cities
the Guti
fall of the Akkadian Empire, (people were mad at them and they were too spread out), blonde hair, blue eyed, gudea - their statue
most comprehensive law code, story similar to moses (laws) eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
god of fertility
sister, queen of hell
god of animal life and birth
god of wisdom
god of war
god of the sun
god of medicine and healing
Kenneth Kitchen
specialist in Egypt, came up with interesting demonstration for the authenticity of the Bible. Took about 30 things in patriarchic narrative, then he took every known instance about these items and took the bible and found out where it fits within the bible. and in every instance they fit exactly with the instances in the bible
invented step pyramid in a place called Saqqara
first guy that figured out the solar calender of a year, seen as a healing god, associated with medicine
Snefru and Hetepheres
changed the angle of the pyramid
George Weisner
tripod broke through the ground and found a sealed tomb and inside was a sarcophagus with nothing in it, found a blacelet and an arm in the wall
built great pyramid in Giza
Zahi Hawals
leading archeologist in Egypt
his tomb was the first one filled with writing
longest reigning King in historical times, became king when he was 4 and reigned till he was 100
Uni and Harkhuf
served under Pepi, sent on missions (dancing dwarf)
introduced a new place for burial: dig graves into cliffs, no more pyramids
Sesostrus III
pulled together agriculture and put someone in charge and byb doing this was able to solidify the centralization of egypt (directly overlaps joseph)
Kahmose and Ahmose
drove the Hyskos out