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What are the characteristic of Bipolar
*depression: can last hrs-months
*mania: an escalating behavior to bizarre/delusional behaviors
*Increased sexual drive; permiscuity
*racing thought: jump from one idea to another
What are characteristics of mania?
*sleeplessness: days at a time
*increased activity energy and restlessness
*extreme irritability & aggression
What are the subtypes of bipolar?
1 bipolar I
2 bipolar II
3 cyclothymia
4 biplar NOS
What are the characteristics of biplar I?
Must have at least one manic episode
What are the characteristics of biplar II?
Primarily depressed with at least 1 hypomania episode
What are the characteristics of cyclothymia?
The polarities are not as acute, but can have functional interference (can go undiagnosed)