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What model is used for Alzheimers Disease?
Transgenic Animal Model
What model is used for Cystic Fibrosis?
Knockout Animal Model
W/c part of an Alzheimers patient's brain does entaglement occur?
neocortex and hippocampus
What occurs w/in the cell body of neurons?
neurofibrillary tangles
What occurs at the end of the neutrites
senile plaques form - these are dense extra cellular aggregates
What is the consequence of tangles?
neuron cells are lost
What is found in the blood vessels of the brain?
amyloid bodies
What is the principal component of the senile plaques and amyloid bodies?
beta amyloid protein
What is the precursor of beta amyloid protein that gets cleavaged prior to producing b.a.b.
APP - Amyloid precursor protein
What enzyme is responsible for the APP cleavage?
What is observed when the last 100 residues of truncated APP gene was used?
no senile plaque formation but neurodegeneration occured
What is the associated mutation?
1) Phenylalanine (more hydrophobic) instead of Valine at site 717
2) Asparagine and Leucine instead of Lysine and Methionine
Match the followwing with the promoters:

1) Soluble CD4
2) Longer acting tissue plasminogen activator
3) Alpha 1 antitrypsin
4) Clotting factor 9
5) Lactoferrin
6) Urokinase
8) IL-2

1) whey acidic protein
2) whey acidic protein
3) beta lactoglobulin
4) beta lactoglobulin
5) alpha 1 casein
6) alpha 1 casein
7) beta casein
8) beta casein

List steps in producing a transgenic cattle:
1) oocyte collection
2) in vitro maturation
3) in vitro fertilization
4) centrifugation of oocytes
5) DNA microinjection into male pronuclei
6) in vitro embryonic dev't to blactocyst state
7) embryo implantation
8) screening of offsprigs for transgene
In Nuclear Transfer, _+_ are fused in vitro
enucleated ovum and mammary gland cell