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change in gene frequency through time
systematics: dichotomous system, defined species and therefore showed evolutionary relationships
evolution proceeds at a slow pace
All pressures act on the whole world at all times
Punctuated Equilibrium
Periods of stasis/change
Acquire a beneficial character (he understood benefits, but not genetics)
Impose hereditary characteristics without genetics, ie bonsai tree
Artificial selection/breeding
Lots of different plants can stem from the same one; dogs (foraging, feeding behavior), brocciloflour;
Natural selection, adaptation
Confer advantage to outreproducing others
Mayr's five points (modern synthesis)
1-Population growth potential (need a cap)
2-Population growth stability (equilibrium between growth/resource)
3-Limited resources (can't sustain)
4-Phenotypic Variation
5-Genetic Variation (genetic advantage is a man whose genes are overrepresented in descendant generations (666 kids)
Shared feature from same origin (same bone in human/cat)
Shared feature from different origin (bat/fly/bird wing)
Convergent evolution
Same solutions through different means (analogies)
Vestigial Organs
No purpose now, but had one before: human tailbones, snake's/marine mammals bone structure for legs)
Principle of antithesis
-Opposite positions display opposite meanings (angry/scared dog)
-Bird droppings?
Aposematic coloration
Stand out, warning symbol if bad/poisenous
Camouflage if vulnerable
T or F:
Darwin integrated Mendelian genetics and his principles of natural selection in developing the modern synthesis
Which is the best definition of biological theory
A central unifying concept based upon empirical observations
Blending Model of inheritance
Everyone would look the same over time (WRONG!)
Professor works with what animal
Inter sexual selection
between sex (women being choosy)
Intra-sexual selection
Within sex, male to male competition
Which of the following is not an observation or inference on which natural selection is based?
Poorly adapted individuals never produce offspring.
Analysis of forelimb anatomy of humans, bats, and whales shows that humans and bats have fairly similar skeletal structures, while whales have diverged considerably in the shapes and proportions of their bones. However, analysis of several genes in these species suggests that all three diverged from a common ancestor at about the same time. Which of the following is the best explanation for these data?
Natural selection in an aquatic environment resulted in significant changes to whale forelimb anatomy.
Darwin synthesized information from several sources in developing his theory of evolution by natural selection. Which of the following did not influence his thinking?
observations of molecular homologies
In science, the term theory generally applies to an idea that
attempts to explain many related phenomena
Which of the following pairs of structures is least likely to represent homology?
the wings of a bird and those of an insect