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Binomial Test alternative
Chi squared goodness of fit (if n is too large)
Chi Squared contingency alternative test
Fischer's Exact Test
1 Sample t test alternative
Sign test
Paired t test alternative
sign test
2 sample t test alternative
welch's t (if unequal variance)
Mann Whitney U if not normal
ANOVA Alternative
Kruskal Wallis if non normal, or variance is not equal
Tukey Kraker follows ANOVA to find out which mean is different
Multifactor ANOVA for analysis of more than one categorical variable at a time
Correlation alternative
spearman's rank correlation
Linear regression alternative
Polynomial regression for curves
Logistic regression for numerical explanatory variable and categorical response variable
Binomial test function
compares proportional X to a hypothesized p value. Times two for both tails
Chi Squared goodness of fit
compares observed expected frequency distributions
categorical or discrete numerical variables
Chi Squared contingency
tests for association between two categorical variables
1 sample t test
compares mean to a hypothesized value when data is NORMAL
paired t test
tests Ho that mean difference of paired data is a specific value
cat explanatory variable numerical response
two sample t test
analyzing differenes in means of num response variables.
assumes normal distribution and equal variance